WHEN is Newport City Council going to wake up and do something about the massive problem with congestion at Clarence Place?

This problem is getting worse, with buses and traffic coming from Caerleon Road being stuck at the lights for absolutely ages as they are unable to get across when the lights change.This is due to traffic from Chepstow and Corporation roads blocking the road by stopping on the yellow grids which are meant to be kept clear.

The problem is exacerbated by the ridiculous bus lane which starts by Clarence Place and ends before the end of town bridge, serving no purpose whatsoever other than to slow down the traffic even more. When it takes ten minutes longer to get to work by car or bus than by walking, there is a problem.

It’s time to redress the system and admit you’ve made a mistake. Put things right for the motorists and anyone foolish enough to be visiting Newport.

A Haywood, Northumberland Road, Newport