The Da Vinci Code is a topic that will always remain controversial in the church and at the same time attracts a great deal of interest.

In modern times, anything controversial seems to create bestsellers, and authors know this.

The Da Vinci Code led to a documentary made by Tony Robinson, which was aimed at the church.

This particular book is so controversial because we only see one side of the story. We never learn of any false evidence about Christ and it was falsehood like this that had Christ crucified. The only motive for the crucifixion was envy and so false testimony was written during the trial of Christ.

In fact, in early stages of the Gospels, we learn of a plot against Jesus. So it is very likely that it was at this point that false evidence and inaccuracies were written.

Those who are convinced by what is written in The Da Vinci Code should really think again and study the Gospels. It was all to do with envy that Christ had any opposition.

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