I SEE from the News in Brief column of the South Wales Argus that the presiding officer of the Welsh Assembly, Rosemary Butler, is encouraging constituents to have their say on the Welsh Government’s draft bill on a soft opt-out system for consent for Welsh organ donations.

If this is the likes of the one they set up for consultations of this proposal, then I have no intention of spending weeks trying to put my views forward to a website that deliberately stops you trying to make your views known – and I am very computer literate.

Similarly, I attended the public consultation meeting held in Newport and the first thing that we were told by the Welsh Assembly representatives was that they would NOT accept any opposing views.

Now Rosemary, as you have no intention to reply to any of my previous letters about this bill – or anyone else’s, for that matter, other than to publish a Welsh Assembly press release – then through the letters column of the Argus, I challenge you to a public debate on this matter where the bill and its full proposals can be aired and the people of Wales can really find out what it entails!

Shaun McGuire, Mole Close, Newport