NO SINGLE incident, such as the lorry fire in the Brynglas tunnel, could justify the expenditure of £830 million on a new road.

There are surely greater priorities for the use of such a sum of money should it ever become available, among which direct investment in local jobs, especially “green” jobs, should be the first consideration.

If more jobs can be provided locally there would be less need for so many people from South Wales to commute to England and that would be by far the best way to deal with congestion.

There is little evidence that simply building more roads automatically creates many new permanent jobs.

The main beneficiaries of the M4/M48 and the two bridges across the Severn have been employers in Bristol and its surroundings and the regional shopping centre at Cribbs Causeway.

The problem of traffic congestion will in any case solve itself within not too many years ñ certainly before 2031.

The ever-rising price of fuel and the continuing reduction of real earnings in the UK will force many commuters out of their cars.

The new road demanded by Newport CC will have been made redundant before it is even built.

Clive Shakesheff, Lewis Way, Chepstow