Why is Bron Afon asking about income?

3:16pm Wednesday 11th July 2012

REGARDING the questionnaire being distributed by Bron Afon Community Housing.

Why are Bron Afon CH interested in the social status and income levels of their tenants? Is it indeed to target advice about benefits?

Surely this is the responsibility of the government, not a housing association.

Maybe it’s to do with the fact that (quote Inside Housing 9.6.11) a number of associations want to rent some homes to tenants who can afford to pay rents at up to 80 per cent of market rent without using housing benefit.

Or perhaps such information is needed to assist the present Con/Dem government in their attempt to relocate or stop people who earn above a certain amount from renting from the social housing sector? A form of social cleansing!

Why isn’t the questionnaire anonymous?

Why no question on rent levels and the need for an urgent rent cap/freeze during recession?

Why no question on the severe lack of low rent accommodation?

Why no question on the number of such homes we would like to see built?

Terry Banfield, Cardigan Crescent, Cwmbran


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