SO CLIVE Shakesheff (Letters, July 11) thinks that the main beneficiaries of the M4/ M48 are the companies across the West Country side of the bridges and theWAG should be spending money on creating jobs and not on the sorely-needed relief of the M4 around Newport.

Has he stopped to consider why companies prefer to set up on that side of the bridge and not the Welsh side? Could it be the fact that the M4 as the gateway to Wales is woefully inadequate to convey the essential traffic necessary to feed such industry?

This issue is not just about Newport, as most traffic actually wants to bypass the town in an attempt to reach all of the South Wales area.A relief road is DESPERATELY needed to ease the congestion on the M4, sort that out and then the jobsmay be forthcoming as businesses would have a quicker and easier access to the region.

It is a bit of a chicken and egg situation I suppose, but inadequate infrastructure in terms to insufficient roads equals no businesses!

Tony Bond, Tramway Close, Cwmbran