AT NEWPORT Transport we very much value feedback and suggestions from our customers and aim to use their comments to improve the way we operate our buses and services.

We read with interest the comments made by some of your readers in relation to the article ‘Have your say on Newport’s buses’ (June 12), in particular the importance of clean buses. This was an excellent point and one we very much agree with.

We take great pride in our buses and always do our best to ensure they are clean and reliable so that our customers can count on them.

Every day our team cleans all 105 of our buses inside and out so that they meet the high standards our customers rightfully expect. To help further achieve this we have recently employed a dedicated member of staff at the bus station to ensure that our buses remain clean and tidy throughout the day when in service.

This new development is part of our commitment to our customers whose journey experience with us is very important to our work.

Scott Pearson, Newport Transport LTD