So, the leader, ‘Parents Must Help’. Are we not living through the most unsettling moments in our history as a civilised community?

The novel mentioned (Argus, July 9) equals the famous painting by Holbein with his hidden Death’s Head and sexual disaster from Henry VIII (The Ambassadors), Erika Leonard James’ earthly, corruptible, distasteful work.

More than mere commerciality.

An oil serpent creeping out of externals of respectability. Asign of the times which makes one ask whether the range of evils for the last 3,000 years have now drawn up to fight the notion of good.

Are any that do not repeat Gnostics, Donatists, Manicheans or Marxist Reification? Is sociology now a pathology? Philosophy and theology thrown away? The Higgs Boson or Large Hadron Collider crowd use semi-blasphemous words?

There is “certainty” with ideas yet no-one shows the slightest interest in thinking it. But how, with the notion of rights distorted beyond all truth, can parents or any of us, be heard by our children and grandchildren? How interest over the iPods, the noise, the particular range of opinions without any substance?

Today, evil is for evil’s sake.

Paul Faulkner, Bailey Street, Brynmawr