THE letter by Mr Bale of John Street, Pontypool (August 9) was a ‘rant’ reminiscent of Germany in the 1930s.

He is another who sees a conspiracy of the English to, he says, “Suppress our pride in being Welsh” and “we would be better off pursuing our own policies”. Perhaps he should be told that in all aspects of devolved powers the Assembly has, it has made such a ‘pig’s ear’ of it that we are at the bottom of all league tables; borne out by figures published nationally.

Again the people of Wales have shown their pride at being part of Great Britain; this is what annoys the nationalists who can never provide answers when questioned on financial issues. Indeed one recently wrote that getting poorer was a “small price to pay for independence”, so how can you have a cogent argument with that kind of mentality?

Mr Bale can boycott all he likes, I believe that shopkeepers have the right to fly the flag that Welsh soldiers have died for, and still do in Afghanistan ! Can he answer me one question: When does he start the book burning?

Ian Williams, Penygarn Road, Pontypool