IT never ceases to amaze me how individuals or groups of companies can put a company into liquidation and still run another company and have done similar previously, in some cases even buying back the assets of a liquidated company, that they had put into liquidation.

These individuals seem to have the ability to move or transfer assets from one company prior to liquidated company being put into official liquidation. They have no thoughts for the people or companies that are left with unpaid bills and whose goodwill they have relied on in the past. I also wonder sometimes what the liquidators are doing by not recommending that the directors are not struck off from holding office in the future, but no doubt they would get around that by putting their active business or businesses in someone else’s name or names. They really do need to be taken to task and their own assets seized, but again they have no worries as the liquidated company would be limited and their personal assets could not be touched.

P Meredith, Graig Park Hill, Newport