FURTHER to the letter from Shaun McGuire (August 13), concerning presumed consent of organ donations, like the song says ‘there are more questions than answers’.

How do you opt out? This must be the best-kept secret in Wales. Will presumed consent apply to ethnic minorities in practice? Doubtful, and if not is this not a form of inverted discrimination? It’s always been my understanding that if it does not belong to you, don’t take it.

The loss of a loved one is bad enough but to turn up at the hospital and find they have been gutted like a fish, it’s enough to push people over the edge and they just might kick off big time and it’s understandable.

Further to Shaun McGuire’s letter, just why does the Ministry of Defence need to keep body parts of soldiers killed on active service? The cause of death is obvious – killed in action.

David Sleight, Greenfield, Newbridge