AT LAST the penny has dropped with one local AM, Mr William Graham, with his article in the SWA on presumed consent of organ donation. However he said nothing new and has not addressed the real issues of imposing this bill on the people of Wales. He has not explained why the Assembly and its members seem to think that Welsh people are too thick to understand a document explaining the full proposals of this bill if it was circulated to every home in Wales.

Too thick to voice an opinion at a referendum on this proposal and too thick to be allowed to give opposing views at Assembly public consultations or to open an Assembly website form to give any views because it wasn’t meant to be opened anyway! Only the Welsh that are in favour of this bill are intelligent enough to able to fully understand the implications of such a forced bill, the Assembly and its members seem to think, but not the rest us who I believe are the majority and that is why no referendum is being considered.

At least Mr Graham’s words are different to those of Rosemary Butler whose best effort was only to spout an Assembly press release. Education not legislation!

Shaun McGuire, Mole Close, Bettws.