Disabled People against the Cuts and their supporters hit back at the government’s attack on benefits.

Their target was ATOS, who carry out medical assessments to determine whether claimants on disabled living allowance are fit for work and whose main priority is to slash the amount paid out to the disabled. The suicides, homelessness and despair which result from a failed appeal were graphically illustrated by the large crowd who closed off the main artery of Cardiff, Castle Street, by lying across the road and blocking it with their bodies and wheelchairs in an hour long die-in. Each had their own moving story to tell of the devastating effect of losing their lifeline to independent living when their allowance was cut. Even the police were affected by the harrowing personal stories of suffering and they allowed the traffic to be redirected away from the castle. Why did I lie down and stop the traffic in support of the disabled people? Because my family too had been touched by the government’s draconian policies. Backed into a corner, disabled people have begun to fight back because, like the Chartists, like the suffragettes, like the poll tax protesters, they could see no other way.

Ray Davies, Pandy Road, Bedwas