I AM disgusted with the state of Rogerstone recently.

I was walking my dog along the alley at the back of Wern Industrial Estate when I came across a pile of trash, obviously from a house clearance. This is not an isolated incident. Someone is clearly just reversing a van down the ramp and dumping things. We need a locked gate at the top of the ramp (with either a kissing gate or stile for pedestrians). I do not expect the council to act, though. A few weeks ago, at the other side of the industrial estate at the back of Wern Terrace, I discovered a pile of dumped tyres. I called the council and the rather unhelpful member of staff said they would not be getting anyone out until after the weekend. It was not until I pointed out that the area was the favourite hangout of drinking under-age teens and there may well be trouble that they bothered to send anyone out. It is not just Newport council that is not interested. When Labour were first elected to Rogerstone Council, I contacted them about these issues, but was ignored. Surely it is about time that the council spent a tiny bit of money to make the area more pleasant?

Helen Bennett, Rogerstone