THE three Ringland councillors are patting themselves on the back for getting an area of green space on the Ringland estate protected from development.

Ringland Top has been designated a QE2 field to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which means it can be used only for recreation.

The request to protect the site came from residents on the estate, but the site was never at risk.

One of the local councillors said this was a “long time in coming,” as though some battle had been won.

It hasn’t..

Nothing has changed with Ringland Top. It was green and open and it’s still green and open.

So while it is welcome that Ringland Top (and Belle Vue Park) are protected, residents in other areas of Newport would also like to hear that their respective parks and open spaces can be given similar consideration.

Carmel Townsend, St Julians Road, Newport