DERELICT and unused property in your community! Does it wind you up? Why can’t these buildings be used as community centres where people can meet, talk and relax.

Why can’t derelict buildings be safely restored to be run in the interests of the local city, town or village? Why can’t new jobs be created by building on unused land by the local council and employing people to work? Why no council-run jobs creation schemes that pay people a living wage? Why for instance is Hillside School, the Nursery, Park Street School, Forgeside School and Garn-yr-erw School all in and around Blaenavon lying empty with no prospect of renovation even though they are historical monuments? Why is there no new leisure centre with swimming pool built opposite the new school? These are questions that need to be asked from the council chamber.

David Brown, Capel Newydd, Blaenavon.