CLOCK is ticking on Labour promise of 400 jobs: In the lead-up to the council elections last May, Labour candidates informed the electors that their number-one priority if they gained control of Caerphilly council would be to bring up to 400 jobs to Blackwood Retail Park by Christmas 2012 and this had been lined up with Morrisons.

The same people also promised to overturn the previous decision of the planning committee which restricted the Blackwood site to bulky goods under the Local Development Plan. The day after Labour took control of Caerphilly council, local Labour councillors stated that this would be their top priority and “commit renewed impetus” to bring Morrisons and 400 jobs to the retail park. Following their promise to deliver, I reminded these Labour councillors that I had written the date in my diary to do my Christmas shopping at the new Morrisons store. Four months have now passed and no progress has been publicly reported. There are now just three months for Labour to deliver.

My Christmas shopping list is well on target, so all those local Labour councillors need to pull their fingers out to meet their deadline.

Allan Pritchard, Penrhiw Terrace, Oakdale, Blackwood