WELCOME to Dallas, Gwent! Could this sign replace, Welcome to Newport, home of the Ryder Cup 2010?

Oil wells, giant incinerators, race tracks for chavs, destruction of Newport homes, cemeteries and heritage, etc. What a wonderful future for Newport and Gwent! There may well be a few million barrels of oil beneath the surface of the Gwent Levels – a few million barrels of oil would probably last for about a year. What happens after the oil runs out and the wells are dismantled? Who the hell is going to want to build houses or a farm on such a hazardous and environmentally devastated site? What would happen to the chavs’ racetrack at Ebbw Vale when the oil runs out, or petrol becomes so expensive that few will be able to afford a car?

Come on, people, think about the future of your children and grandchildren – there is nothing in these brainless schemes for them. Jobs for future generations, no way. Any jobs created by these schemes would have a life expectancy of, at best, 15 years.

Brian Hayes, Clearwell Court,