ON A recent visit to Newport Castle with visitors I was shocked and embarrassed to see how overgrown and unkempt the area is.

I find it scandalous that the council cannot look upon this historic monument with some civic pride and not allow what remains to continually decline. During the 1970s previous administrations savaged the grounds in favour of the motorist and ruined what was a pleasant environment to walk through and relax in, but all I saw on my visit were discarded cans, brambles and weeds. I have also noticed the increase of weeds on quite a few pavements in Newport as well. This summer the new council has spent a huge amount of money on resurfacing Newport’s roads (some badly) again in favour of the motorist, obviously at the expense of other budgets. Can anyone at the council please answer why basic pride in keeping areas of Newport neat and tidy has disappeared?

Paul Davies, Allt yr yn View, Newport