REPLYING to Nigel Pearce’s letter on September 6, a person who I have known for many years and is our self- delegated expert on NHS issues.

My body belongs to myself or my family and I/they are the only ones who will decide what to do with it after my death. Presumed consent does not come into the equation, whether opted in or out. The state does not own my body or anyone else’s for that matter. Myself and my family have been victims of your former employer, who for two years told us a pack of lies about my son’s organs as well as the Argus representatives who tried to help me. These are the very same people who will be in charge of the removal of any organs, and if there is the slightest hint of litigation then the skulduggery will kick in and they should never be trusted with this task. The Assembly themselves are not truthful with the people of Wales and will not tell us exactly what this bill will involve, and especially the exceptions, whether on ethnic or religious grounds, and if they do decide to inform everyone of its content then they know it will be defeated. Education, not litigation.

Shaun McGuire, Mole Close, Bettws, Newport