I REFER to the letter from Ray Davies, September 2, concerning the fate of the victims of Atos.

The system of corrupt and depraved indifference that the current regime would have you believe to be impartial and objective forms of assessment and appeal is entirely structured to ensure, without regard to circumstance, the denial of benefit. This will have acutely adverse consequences for the Welsh nation due to the high percentage of our population economically dependent upon these benefits. The ludicrous assertions presented in spurious justification of this attack upon the welfare, if not the actual survival of the most vulnerable and powerless, are an affront to intelligence. This particularly repugnant set of destructive measures and the equally repulsive collection of mortifying mediocrities supporting it serves to provide yet more evidence of our nation’s need for increased self-determination and, ultimately, autonomy. In the final analysis, the conclusive proof is to be found in the self-evident need for us to be protected from those purporting to be the representative governance of our nation.

H Roland ap Watcyn, Commercial Street, Griffithstown, Pontypool