TO all who are against assisted dying, I would like to comment on the following.

While condemning the right to end the suffering of your fellow men/women, you forget the atrocities committed by the Church in the past. Many innocent men and women were tortured, burned at the stake, drowned in duck ponds in the name of religion. You may argue that the atrocities were committed by the misguided and foolish. We are now more enlightened, are you? You reap the benefits of a democracy earned by your fellow men and women who laid down their lives to defend our country. You insist that it is wrong to kill. I agree it is wrong unless there are special circumstances, such as defence of the realm or mercy to end the suffering of those in pain. In my opinion you are God- fearing and in your way, very nice people, but sadly out of touch with reality. To condemn those who suffer to a painful, lingering death is obscene. Drugs do not always dull the pain!

Mr B S Elliott, Church Street, Rogerstone