READERS of Letters in the South Wales Argus will know I have been a staunch advocate for my home town/city for many years. Week after week, year after year there are complaints about the state of the city centre and the plight of the traders.

I have repeated many times in my letters that until there are attractions in the city centre for people to come and see on a regular basis, then the city centre is probably doomed to failure. Flashy shops will not attract folk. What civilised folk want is somewhere you can visit for entertainment and socialising (a decent-sized theatre/concert hall, a decent-sized museum and art gallery, family-friendly pubs and restaurants free of drug addicts and binge drinkers) and safe public transport. There will always be a demand for small, specialised businesses and shops in any city centre and, perhaps, food co-operatives and such, say, in Newport market. There are areas which need redevelopment, such as Baneswell and the areas around Kingsway and Clytha Park. Many new homes could be built in these areas and some parts turned into public spaces. An inner ring road around the city centre to make it more accessible is long overdue.

Brian Hayes, Clearwell Court, Bassaleg, Newport