SO, planning committee councillors voted (Argus September 17) that an anonymous Newport council officer will decide where a proposed new bus station will be situated. Are these councillors we voted for a few months ago really needed? These councillors and officers cannot know what it is like to shop in Newport. The best-qualified Newport citizens should be asked to decide where the bus station is needed. Ask the city shoppers, including senior citizens and mothers with children in pushchairs. The railway station is too far away from the city centre shops, etc. Perhaps the Argus could help by offering a phone vote, and a site visit to the thriving Cwmbran shopping centre, bus station and railway station would help the decision makers! Following the success of the former coalition council’s idea of bringing buses into High Street, it is obvious that Newport needs a more-central bus station, especially on cold, wet and windy days.

Brian Donovan, Darlington Court, Newport