INJUSTICE is a sickening state of affairs, particularly when it involves the police, whether it’s done to them or by them, but killing unarmed female officers is the act of a cowardly mad dog who should now forfeit his own life. I wouldn’t want the death penalty introduced generally because of the memory of what was done to Timothy Evans for a murder committed by John Reginald Christie. Once taken, a life cannot be given back if a mistake is made, but I would feel content to see the killer of Fiona Bome and Nicola Hughes suffer the death penalty rather than knowing that he will be given a long, colossally expensive trial, only to be kept in a comfortable prison and treated as some kind of hero by many of his fellow inmates. The death penalty for the taking of the life of a police officer in the performance of his or her duty would get my vote!

Walt Jackson, Usk