YOUR column “Our Say” was interesting in regard to the subject of gipsy sites, but the final paragraph gives cause for concern. Why, at some point, does a decision have to be made?

A decision appears to me to have been made during the various consultation periods in a truly democratic way which is that the people of Newport do not wish to have these so-called gipsy sites within the city limits. Your phrase about a decision smacks of the EU and their method of consultation, keep voting until you get it right our way. I use the term “so-called” because to describe these sites as for gipsies is incorrect.

They are not for gipsies in the true sense of the word.

The sites are for a group of people who only have themselves to blame for the hostility demonstrated by the results of the various consultation periods. We in Newport have been subjected to a series of illegal sites that, when the travellers have left and moved to another illegal site, the filth, rubbish and damage has to be seen to be believed and costs the taxpayer large sums of money to clear up.

It is time the politicians came to their senses and instead of trying to foist these sites onto an unwilling public should be fighting to protect their voters even to the extent of refusing to create sites. Allow these people to have a site no matter how small and that site will be illegally expanded as shown at various times in the media all over the country.

Geoffrey Robinson, Allt-Yr-Yn View, Newport