IT WILL come as no surprise to readers that the former leader of Caerphilly council has no understanding of the rules which apply to the planning committee.

Mr Pritchard asks why I and my colleague Cllr Saralis are not on the planning committee, which implies that if we were, we could take part in the vote on Blackwood Gate. For someone who spent years in local government it is clear that his understanding of the restrictions and rules that apply to planning are nil. So, I will try and educate him. Because we have been strong advocates in favour of job creation at Blackwood Gate we would be disqualified from taking part in the vote as all members of the planning committee can only take part if they have not expressed a view on an application.

Plaid failed to vote for jobs. Can Alan now tell us if the few Plaid who remain are going to support jobs at Blackwood Gate?

Cllr Saralis and I are working to bring jobs to Blackwood Gate, something which Plaid failed to do.

Cllr Nigel Dix, Blackwood