HAYLEY Mills did an excellent report on the British opencast meeting at Talywain OAP hall. However, I would correct the statement that it has been in its current state since coal and iron industry ceased. The facts are that the old Pontypool Borough Council attempted to tidy up the site and in the process made an expensive pig’s breakfast of the exercise.

Over the last 30 years various companies have floated schemes in harness with successive administrations at Pontypool, the common factor being the rape of the pristine area to the north west of the site to fund it, totally disregarding the fact that Varteg, Garndiffaith, Talywain and Abersychan will be drenched in mineral particulate pollution. As the last Gwent county councillor for the Abersychan division and an old adversary of Dr John Cox’s ambition to rip the guts out of the upper reaches of the Eastern Valley, I am amazed he chaired this meeting. Dennis Jones, Park Place, Newbridge