THE TORY party conference has revealed that, despite the warm words of pre-election Cameron, the nasty party are back with a vengeance.

With an economic plan that has delivered a homemade double dip recession and the IMF forecasting no growth any time soon, Cameron and Osborne look to the poorest to pay for their failures and the greed of bankers. Osborne tells us that he wants to cut welfare payments by £10billion through stopping housing benefits to the under-25s. The reality is this would only save £1 billion. It’s worth noting the vast majority of claimants are low-paid workers. With their economic plan in ruins, borrowing increasing and the IMF forecasting no growth any time soon, the Tories are looking to scapegoat a section of society. The big question is where is the remaining £9 billion coming from? If you’re in receipt of any kind of benefit or help, in work or out, the Tories will be coming for you next. Cllr Nigel Dix, Blackwood