A SUBJECT I have been close to for many years has again reared its head. I am referring to the brave men of the merchant navy who risked their lives supplying Russia during the second world war.

It seems the Russians are issuing another medal (they did so a few years ago) for those men who were involved in the Russian convoys. However, the British government have turned it down. Shame on them. For decades protests have been made for this country to issue such a medal, but so far to no avail. There can’t be many sailors left in Newport who were part of these voyages, but I am sure their families would want their medal. This applies to both the merchant and royal navies, who made an enormous sacrifice ploughing those inhospitable waters. Newport gave many lives to the sea during the war, and its history of the merchant navy is renowned throughout the world. This being the case, I would call upon Newport council to write to the government seeking for an Arctic Convoy medal to be issued.

Jim Dyer, Stockton Road, Newport