TO ADDRESS Rob Hepworth’s concerns (October 10), Prosiect Gwyrdd has no similarities to the rail franchise he refers to and European experience shows energy from waste works well with high recycling and composting performance.

Project Gwyrdd is using a tried and tested procurement process to develop the infrastructure to treat waste which cannot be practically recycled or composted. The waste for such a facility is predicated on meeting the progressive Welsh Government waste targets up to 2025 when at least 70 per cent of the partner authorities’ waste has to be recycled and composted by law. Although the Project appreciates Rob lives close to one of the proposed developments, his claims of destroying recycling policy and ruining our health, environment and local finances is simply untrue. The Health Protection Agency has made it clear that the contribution to air pollution from modern incineration facilities is very small. The environmental benefit of moving away from landfill is significant.

Ian Lloyd-Davies, Prosiect Gwyrdd Partnership