WELL, Mr Legge, firstly you mention EON, the largest multinational power provider in the world and German owned. I wonder who pays for the various translations into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish etc in all the other countries they charge extortionate prices for their power? I would suggest the consumer in all cases, so nothing special there in the case of Welsh translation.

But then, they have to firstly consider the plight of their rich investors and also ensure that their executives have a substantial bonus at the end of the year, so they couldn’t absorb the costs, could they? I, like many others, think that power, water and other essential utilities should not be the subject of profit making for the rich few, but that is a different argument! I too see the translation of Welsh Assembly business into Welsh objected to by the Plaid members, as you mention, unjustifiable, but if you read my letter properly, you would have noticed I was not attempting to do so, I was pointing out that bilingual forms such as driving licences are the cheapest way of providing the same rights to Welsh as English speakers in Wales, an officially bilingual nation, rather than the more expensive option of providing them separately.

A Bond, Tramway Close, Cwmbran