It totally sucks

4:53pm Monday 15th September 2014

IF YOU use a vacuum cleaner half the power of your present one, it will take twice as long to clean, so how does it save electricity?

War hero quest

4:52pm Monday 15th September 2014

I AM TRYING to find more information about men honoured on the WW1 memorial at St Thomas Church, Overmonnow, Monmouth. We know very little about these gallant men and I’m hoping readers can help.

Yobbish problems

4:51pm Monday 15th September 2014

MAY I request one of your staff take a stroll around the area in which your offices are situated any evening between 6pm and 11pm. Feel free to do this stroll any evening and I think you would be as shocked as we are with the growing number of kids and hooligans of all ages and both sexes.

Yes for Wales

4:50pm Monday 15th September 2014

 CAN we in Wales condemn the yes vote in Scotland? The London parliament are grovelling, this is unbelievable. I am not a Welsh advocate for independence, but what they are offering, albeit a panic situation, is unbelievable.

Bye to Empire

4:49pm Monday 15th September 2014

AS A WELSH nationalist, the worst kind of nationalism is British nationalism as it brings out religious, cultural/language and colour of one’s skin into question.

Scot madness

4:49pm Monday 15th September 2014

I CAN fully understand the Scots’ passion for their beautiful country as I can the Welsh for Wales. What baffles me is how such a large number of the population can be drawn towards the abyss by yet another of history’s odious little “corporals” – one Alex Salmond.

Playground fears

1:01pm Friday 12th September 2014

I CANNOT open the Argus these days without seeing yet another story about children’s play equipment set on fire by (I assume) “bored” youths. The latest attack was at Greenmeadow Community Farm last week. Have these individuals got nothing better to do than ruin things for everyone else? Apparently not!

Bridge subsidy

12:58pm Friday 12th September 2014

WHEN it comes to the much disliked Severn Bridge tolls, the often ignored elephant in the room is the subsidy applied to the Humber Bridge. When last in office at Westminster, New Labour chose to quietly (and regularly) subsidise the Humber Bridge tolls, yet it made no move whatsoever towards doing anything about dealing with the tax on jobs, businesses and commuters which are the Severn bridge tolls.

Drop sarcasm

12:57pm Friday 12th September 2014

JIM Drewett obviously has no understanding of the nature or the warmongering antics of Nato which are indeed fascist! That’s why people demonstrated in Newport against a bunch of corporate backed sociopaths who make Hitler seem innocuous by comparison! Please note NATO’s support for the Nazi backed government in Ukraine! So, please Jim, do me a favour, drop the sarcasm and engage your brain!

One over Cardiff

12:57pm Friday 12th September 2014

THE best thing about the Nato Summit was Newport having something Cardiff doesn’t have - The Celtic Manor Resort. Many thanks and Congratulations must go to Sir Terry Matthews (a fellow Monmouthshirarian and proud of it) for his foresight, determination and self made money to build a world class venue that has put Newport on the world map twice in four years.

Damp squib

12:56pm Friday 12th September 2014

OK, where were they - the estimated 20,000 plus protestors, the barbarian hordes who would inevitably plunge the Nato Summit into chaos? Well, presumably they stayed at home. Perhaps there was something more worthwhile on the telly.

Hurry back

12:54pm Friday 12th September 2014

NEWPORT has hosted an amazing event, The air and ground security was impressively shown both by the military and the police. The Red Arrows symbolise the very best of British and many flocked to vantage points to see them. At long last, it looks likely there will be an increase in the Nato spend on military defence. In this increasingly violent and unstable world, we cannot be left open to any kind of attack. There has to be the best military hardware that money can buy. As the Nato Summit concluded, I watched in awe as three Osprey Tiltroter aircraft flew over my home en route to the Celtic Manor in order, I understand, to escort President Obama on his return journey. We need to be hosting lots more prestigious events like this to attract more visitors to Wales and, judging by people’s reactions in the presence of President Obama, there’s just one question, when will he be back?

Hurry back

12:06pm Friday 12th September 2014

NEWPORT has hosted an amazing event, The air and ground security was impressively shown both by the military and the police. The Red Arrows symbolise the very best of British and many flocked to vantage points to see them. At long last, it looks likely there will be an increase in the Nato spend on military defence. In this increasingly violent and unstable world, we cannot be left open to any kind of attack. There has to be the best military hardware that money can buy. As the Nato Summit concluded, I watched in awe as three Osprey Tiltroter aircraft flew over my home en route to the Celtic Manor in order, I understand, to escort President Obama on his return journey. We need to be hosting lots more prestigious events like this to attract more visitors to Wales and, judging by people’s reactions in the presence of President Obama, there’s just one question, when will he be back?

Danger junction

3:05pm Thursday 11th September 2014

I HAVE been holding back from writing this letter for a long time, but I feel so strongly about this issue I have to share it.

Clegg U Turn

3:05pm Thursday 11th September 2014

HOW despicable can Nick Clegg be, how ill-informed and idiotic does he think the general public of Great Britain isare?

Hypocrite MP

3:00pm Thursday 11th September 2014

TORFAEN MP Paul Murphy surely must be competing for the Hypocrite of the Year award when he states, “We must do more to investigate what causes radicalisation and what we can do to stop people going to fight with IS (Isis)”.

Bevin not Bevan

2:59pm Thursday 11th September 2014

MR PEART of Blackwood, the instigator of sending conscripts to work in the mines during the Second World War was Ernest Bevin, not Aneurin Bevan.

Distorted view

2:58pm Thursday 11th September 2014

WHERE on earth does M Peart get his distorted view of history from? Bevin Boys were not all “conscientious objectors”.

Bins confusion

12:38pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

IN reply to Cllr Hopkins’ letter regarding bin proposals. Is this another case of amnesia?

Council's shame

12:38pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

HAVE I read correctly your article about domestic abuse (September 2)? Is Newport council setting up an expensive working party to investigate female genital mutilation? This city has gone completely bonkers if that is the case.

Tories for ever?

12:37pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

THE impending Scottish vote for independence fills me with dread. Should the Scots let their heart rule their head and vote for separation from the UK, it will impact greatly on the rest of the “union”.

A bridge too far

11:59am Wednesday 10th September 2014

NOW that the hullabaloo from the Nato summit is dying down, one thing is clear — there were far fewer protesters at the event than expected, somewhere in the region of 500 against a pre-summit estimate of 10,000.

Thanks, Sir Terry

11:56am Wednesday 10th September 2014

I AM writing to express my surprise and disappointment at the lack of recognition of the hard work and inspirational leadership of Sir Terry Mathews and his team, headed by Simon Gibson, at the Celtic Manor Resort. Sir Terry has held many wonderful, world-renowned and prestigious events, not least the Nato summit, at the Celtic Manor Resort.

Who did it?

9:47am Tuesday 9th September 2014

WELL, for crying out loud, who authorised 9,500 cops just for 150 heads, at the Celtic Manor. That beggars belief.

Was it worth it?

9:47am Tuesday 9th September 2014

Roads quieter than since early 80s so I’m told. Police on the streets, so the whole place seemed safer. One question for all the swampies out there, the couple of hundred of you.Was it really worth it, all that fuss you caused?And can you tell us how you would have dealt with Hitler? Offered him a peace pipe, perhaps?I know it was before the days of Nato, but the world had to stand up, and thank God it did rather than set up a camp.

No to negativity

9:46am Tuesday 9th September 2014

I am fed up with the negative letters in Thursday’ s Argus regarding the Nato Summit. Firstly, the inaccurate details. There are not “thousands of policemen at every roundabout”. There are in fact two on each intersection of the roundabout, not causing any problems to anyone. I have felt very safe during the past few days and apparently the crime rate has plummeted in Newport. Secondly, the M4 between Magor and Newport will be closed for the duration of the Summit? Untrue.

On your side

9:45am Tuesday 9th September 2014

It makes me sad when I read comments made by Mr Keith Marchant. Firstly he asks if we believe our demonstrations will make a difference. Yes, I do believe we are of the people and for the people and we have the courage to speak our minds. We do not use public money. On the contrary, Nato and our government use his and our money and therefore reduce money for health and education.

Impressive work

9:44am Tuesday 9th September 2014

This didn’t happen by accident. A well-organised police operation was reassuring while also being unobtrusive. Council workers were out cleaning the streets within minutes of the protest marches passing. It was really pleasing to see local businesses such as Rachel’s Curry Kitchen and Jonathan Powell’s news agency invited to be part of proceedings along with very talented local photographer Ieuan Berry. The talks taking place in Newport schools helped extend the reach of the Summit to the city at large and will, no doubt, have inspired some future politicians. The fly past and pre-summit festival ensured that everyone could have some involvement. Celtic Manor is a huge asset to Newport. When our world-class venue and the city at large come together, we really can do impressive things.

Voices heard

9:43am Tuesday 9th September 2014

When Nato came to Newport it imagined an easy ride. “We will put Newport on the map”, said Cameron. Nato generals presented the Mayors of Newport with its blood-soaked flag. “Welcome to Wales,” said the Welsh government leader. But they had an unexpected welcome from the people. Every day for two weeks, we hammered home our message of peace. We took over their official podiums and marched in our thousands.

Wonderful sight

9:42am Tuesday 9th September 2014

What a wonderful community spirit there was this early morning at the top of Beechwood Park (and Christchurch) when an estimated four thousand people gathered and cheered as the Red Arrows flew over. I hope some of the four hundred anti-Nato protestors from yesterday’s march were able to attend to see such a spectacle, and hear the silent majority.

Summit success

9:42am Tuesday 9th September 2014

As the fences come down, police officers head home and the last remaining dignitaries leave, Wales can congratulate itself on its excellent hosting of another historic event. The Nato Summit saw global eyes turn to Wales as dozens of world leaders headed into Newport and Cardiff. Issues of critical importance were discussed and Wales was showcased perfectly. Hosting so many leaders at one time was a rare event that will live long in the memory and I hope the legacy of this summit is now properly utilised. It was a great honour to watch Friday morning’s fly-past, along with hundreds of others in Cardiff who had gathered around the Bay to enjoy that incredible spectacle. Indeed, the police and military operation that has facilitated this event has been on an unprecedented scale. I want to add my own personal thanks to the many thousands of police officers men and women – many from outside Wales – for their impressive work in helping to make this summit run smoothly. I’ve seen first-hand their welcoming approach and their desire to talk to local people, assist and support. Wales did itself proud hosting the largest summit ever to be held in Britain and this couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the tireless work of police officers, all those working hard within local authorities, each and every soldier involved, and the scores of medical staff on standby. Your work in making this happen was invaluable.

Vote for MIND

9:34am Tuesday 9th September 2014

I AM pleased to hear that Newport MIND have done well in their bid for funding under the Lloyds Bank Community Project Fund. To seal a place in the top three, they need your vote.

Park's hard life

9:34am Tuesday 9th September 2014

I HOPE the Torfaen anarchists are at Newport. Perhaps our park will be left alone and the anarchists’ stickers will deface Newport instead of Pontypool Park.

Splash the cash

9:29am Tuesday 9th September 2014

I HOPE the protesters at the peace camp enjoyed the beautiful Tredegar Park and the facilities laid on for them. It would be wonderful if they, Nato representatives and Celtic Manor had a whip-round to reinstate the water feature at the park.

Give us a refund

9:29am Tuesday 9th September 2014

HOW much money was allocated to policing the Nato protest march on Thursday? Whatever it was, can we have a refund please? How can the predictions of the “authorities” be so wrong?

Who's to blame?

9:28am Tuesday 9th September 2014

I AGREE with Cllr Matthew Evans in his disappointment at not being involved in the visit of President Obama. Further, I am outraged.

Own goal

9:27am Tuesday 9th September 2014

I WATCHED the anti-Nato protesters march up Chepstow Road expressing their views on Nato. What a shining example they all were, demonstrating why we need Nato and have a strong international defensive power.

Not our fault

9:27am Tuesday 9th September 2014

IN Newport and Cardiff, people are understandably complaining about the disruption caused by the Nato summit. The disruption is ironically a result of other people making decisions on our behalf — “Put the summit in Wales, it will keep them (the Welsh) happy and quiet, make them feel important” — hence the farcical arguments over the logo. This has that patronising Westminster attitude to the periphery written all over.

Thanks police

9:25am Tuesday 9th September 2014

NUMEROUS critical comments regarding the Nato summit in South Wales have been included in the Argus letters pages. Any benefits and true costs remain to be judged.

Navy collections

3:01pm Friday 5th September 2014

May I, through the pages of the South Wales Argus, express the thanks of The Merchant Navy Association, Newport City Branch to Asda stores in Pillgwenlly and Duffryn, Morrison’s at Orb Drive and Sainsbury’s at Albany Street for allowing us to hold collections in their stores. Further, I would like to thank the very generous people of Newport.

Hurtling cyclists

3:00pm Friday 5th September 2014

APROPOS B Jarvis’ letter mentioning cyclists hurtling down Commercial Street. I spoke to a policewoman patrolling by the late M&S store, about apprehending cyclists. Yes, was her reply, if they are cycling slowly, but if they’re going fast, no way as health and safety becomes an issue. Catch me if you can!

Welsh and proud

2:59pm Friday 5th September 2014

IT WILL come as no surprise to readers that Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards has labelled the vast majority of people in Wales who support the Union of Wales with the rest of the United Kingdom as loathing their own country. This kind of attitude exposes Plaid as intolerant and dismissive of the vast majority of people in Wales who do not share Plaid’s objective of an independent Wales. Plaid’s insult will act to further isolate them from the majority of Welsh people who are proud to be Welsh and equally proud to be British.

Yellow Pages

2:58pm Friday 5th September 2014

WHAT you did wrong Mr Dyer, was not looking in the Yellow Pages under Pharmacies. You get nearly every chemist in Gwent. You give an impression in your letters over the years that you are never wrong. Tut tut.

Governor absent

2:58pm Friday 5th September 2014

I AM appalled by Goff Jones’s letter in which he writes as ‘UKIP’ which must be a new name for ‘Independent’. He complains about the closure of Pontymoile Primary School yet he was a Governor there and, according to records, attended only the AGM during 2013-14. He played no part in efforts that the governing body made to keep the school open and then to do their very best for the children who were to be moved in 2014-15. He sent no apologies for missing those meetings. The one person from the Council who tried, at Council meetings and outside, to fight against this closure was the Councillor for Cwmynyscoy, Neil Waite (Lab). Mr Jones has no right to criticise when he absented himself from any opportunity to do anything about it. To make his first public complaint five weeks after the school closed beggars belief.

Coding lessons

2:57pm Friday 5th September 2014

CHILDREN across England aged 5 to 14 began a new coding-focused computing curriculum this week, emphasising the skills the government believes universities and employees will value the most. But it isn’t going to happen here in Wales for at least another four years. Although a few schools in Wales already teach computer coding, the fact that it is not on the curriculum will mean uneven opportunities for Welsh kids. Enthusiasm from IT companies for the new curriculum is unsurprising. I have sympathy with our Welsh teachers if we were to add even more compulsory subjects to the curriculum. But as a stopgap, could we not free up some space and give parents (and our children) a choice. As a start, how about letting them choose between Welsh or Computer Studies! I think I know what the majority of parents might choose.

The wealth gap

2:56pm Friday 5th September 2014

ONE of the big problems the No campaign has in Scotland is David Cameron taking periodic trips there. Whenever he graces the North, like he did last week, he brings with him a whole lot of baggage from being a Tory anyway. He is presiding over a country that has seen the wealth gap grow between the richest in Kensington and Chelsea and the poorest in Drumchapel in Glasgow or Blaenau Gwent. Also under New Labour the gap between rich and poor grew more than under any other socialist government. London has so ill-served Scotland — like Wales — that it is a wonder it’s economically viable at all. The London government will miss North Sea oil as they won’t be able to borrow against it or keep their good credit rating. Labour would lose a large number of MPs, so forming a government would be impossible. All three English parties would lose a large chunk of income, as Scotland would be classed as a foreign donor. So staying together suits the London parties for different reasons but not the people of Scotland.

Miners baffled

2:01pm Thursday 4th September 2014

IN 1939 my dad had to go in to the army, if he refused he would be shot as a coward. Many men refused, so Aneurin Bevan had an idea, put them all down the mines because coal was vital. And it would save a public outcry to shoot so many men. So my dad had to give up his job as an experienced miner for less money, to one of these objectors. He came home with no medal, wasn’t allowed to keep his army uniform as a momento, and went back down the mines. So how come all the objectors have now had a medal for their bravery ?? , and my dad didn’t get a thing, nor all the other miners like him. Lots of ex miners are baffled, because like me they know the truth .

Nato nuisance

2:01pm Thursday 4th September 2014

I AM fed up now - fed up with the thousands of police on just about every street corner and motorway bridge. They`ll be gone by Saturday morning! Fed up with the constant drone of helicopters over my house, with the road closures because of the demonstrations, with the prospect of what is to come in the way of delays and closures on Thursday and Friday. Fed up with seeing the millions of pounds which is being spent to secure the area. I am also fed up with hearing how the local area will benefit from the Nato summit. So far, shops have had to close, buses have lost money because the city centre has been closed, and onThursday and Friday parents will have to stay off work to look after their children who should be in school. Will any of these people be compensated? Will any of the world leaders come on their holidays to South East Wales? You must be joking. Will any of the hangers on come back to Wales? I doubt that. This conference should have been held at The Vale of Glamorgan, nearer the airport, probably easier to secure and nearer to Cardiff. They can have it. Let’s hope this is the last of the great ideas for the Celtic Manor hotel around here. We are sick and tired of the disruption.

Cardiff bound

2:00pm Thursday 4th September 2014

WITH respect for D Woolley’s letter, I’m afraid he or she has rather missed the point. Of course Radio 4 believes the Nato summit is to be held in Cardiff. In the greater picture nationwide, Newport has virtually ceased to exist. It’s town centre vaporised, shoppers migrated to Cwmbran, workforce decimated, bus and railway stations objects of ridicule – it has even been re-named Vale of Usk by the summit’s venue – so much for credibility on both sides. The only remaining issue seems to be how to bypass it as speedily as possible.

Who's to blame?

1:59pm Thursday 4th September 2014

Over the past few weeks, I see that rhetoric Ray Davies has been having his usual rants in relation to Nato, Barack Obama, David Cameron, the Israelis and children sitting on tanks and how everybody apart from Muslim jihadists are to blame for all that is wrong in the world. Normally I would dismiss his views as being those of a man who lives in a world of his own with no real concept of the issues that he speaks about. However, what really concerns me is that when he wrote about the murder of journalist James Foley, whilst he was content to apportion blame on others he never once saw fit to condemn his beloved jihadists who butchered an innocent man, nor show any sympathy for the loss of an innocent man’s life. So, Ray, how about condemning the actions of those who committed this atrocity and then I may begin to think that you do have some decency. A final word to Ray and his fellow peace protesters, it is Nato that keeps the peace.

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