In wrong place

12:45pm Wednesday 20th August 2014

I agree with your previous correspondent in protesting about the change of venue for the post office. Not only is it further away from the railway station, bus station and market, it is also 900 yards from the top of Bridge Street. As your readers know, Bridge Street is the commercial centre of Newport. Many firms of solicitors, accountants and employment agencies occupy this area, indeed the whole range of service operations are to be found in the immediate area.

Post office

12:44pm Wednesday 20th August 2014

I DISAGREE with Dame Rosemary Butler when she says that the new post office will be easily accessible. Not if you are elderly and your bus stop is opposite Newport railway station.

Going mad

12:43pm Wednesday 20th August 2014

HEALTH and Safety gone mad?

Question for PM

12:33pm Wednesday 20th August 2014

AFTER THE recent statement made by David Cameron on Iraq ,the question should be put at PM’s Question time “Does Mr Cameron live in this country or is it just an accommodation address?”


12:32pm Wednesday 20th August 2014

A SINISTER deal is currently being cooked up between the European Union and the USA. I am referring to something called The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Post office trek

1:06pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

SO DAME Butler is delighted to open the newly relocated post office, which she and the powers-that-be think is easily accessible to who? People living that end of town, not people from the east.

Why the move ?

1:05pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

I TOTALLY agree with S Symonds concerning moving the post office into the In Shops. It was ideally suited where it was originally. What’s going to happen to that building now? I’m not disputing that a post office was needed at the top of town but wasn’t it possible to keep the original post office and just open a new smaller one?

Fare is not fair

1:05pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

IN Newport recently with my husband and grandchild who is 16 months old and in a pushchair, we were going to visit my daughter in Maindee. We went to catch a green bus, number 8c.

A great city

1:04pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

THANK you to J Creed, Bournemouth who is coming home to Newport – the best letter I have read in the Argus for a long time. Wonderful to read such positive comments. I totally agree. I was born and bred in Newport and really love my home city and feel completely at home here.

Curb these lines

1:02pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

AS a regular user of the Southern Distributor Road both day and night, I am surprised that the cause of accidents there has not been identified. In my opinion, the cause is neither design of the road nor drivers’ lack of due care.

memory lapse?

1:02pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

I NOTE that Paul Flynn MP has blogged the following regarding the Pill ‘peace camp’. “The No to Nato protest group has invited unlimited numbers of people to set up a peace camp on playing fields in a residential part of Newport. They did not consult local people. Now they have demanded that the cash-strapped council provide full toilet and rubbish clearance facilities.”

A lesson to learn

1:32pm Monday 18th August 2014

A LESSON for Cllr Ray Davies – what about £40 million that was made available to the Labour Welsh government by London to help with English councils tax freezes? But the money is not ring-fenced, so ministers in Cardiff could spend it on other things. As a Labour councillor, you need to ask why wasn’t this money used for Welsh councils.

Sort our city out

1:30pm Monday 18th August 2014

BEING a Newport resident since birth, I love this city of ours, warts and all, and would love to see it flourish once again as a thriving, throbbing metropolis.

Deserve more

1:29pm Monday 18th August 2014

A FRIEND I’d not seen in a long time recently visited. After lunch She wanted to pop into Newport to go to the Midland Bank. I advised her there no longer was one. She also wanted to pop to Top Shop for something. I advised there no longer was one. She was incredulous saying, “Why? There used to be two!” After at least being able to get her business done at the HSBC, she suggested we pop into Marks and Spencer’s. Again I advised her there no longer was one.

Family reunited

1:29pm Monday 18th August 2014

A COUPLE of weeks ago you kindly published a letter I sent to you with the hope that you might be able to help me to contact the descendants of my great grandfather, members of the Grainger family, who had lived throughout the 20th century in Cardiff.

Global excuses

1:28pm Monday 18th August 2014

FEWER cars? In response to Clive Shakesheff’s letter of August 5, I fully endorse these comments.

Pigeons love it

12:16pm Friday 15th August 2014

REGARDING the ‘pigeon bridge’ on Chepstow Road; I can’t see how people are happy with the netting put up by Network Rail – it’s totally pointless as the pigeons have easy access in and out and continue to mess on passers-by.

Brilliant night

12:15pm Friday 15th August 2014

LAST week, I had the pleasure of attending the gala opening of the Maxime Cinema on Blackwood High Street. The cinema looked fantastic throughout – they have done a brilliant job of refurbishing it.

TA request

12:15pm Friday 15th August 2014

MY FATHER, David Winmill, was in the Territorial Army prior to the First World War I. His unit was the Royal Field Artillery Newport. They were mobilised in July 1914 and sent to Pembroke.

On roll of honour

12:05pm Friday 15th August 2014

THE recent Argus commemorative supplement on the start of the Great War was compelling and educational. The article that caught my eye was on the Blackwood miner James Herbert Spencer, who enlisted to join one of the tunnelling regiments. But I like to point out that Another local miner took a similar route. His name was Moses Williams, and he was a resident of Argoed.

Where exactly did cash go?

12:04pm Friday 15th August 2014

ANOTHER day and another letter from all the misguided lefties in Wales blaming the savage Tory cuts for cuts in public services.

Nato education

12:40pm Thursday 14th August 2014

WE are now being told that schools in the area and at distances up to 30 miles from the Nato venue may be closing or operating shorter days.

Doctor prices

12:39pm Thursday 14th August 2014

I READ with horror Lord Winston’s suggestion that people should pay up to £200 for a doctors appointment. Is this rich bloke aware that a lot pensioners and working poor are lucky if their weekly income is this? Get real. Old age pension is less than this, we paid contributions called National Insurance, most of us in excess of 50 years for this. A far more sensible suggestion would be to charge people for missing appointments and clamp down on health tourists. Do as they do in Europe, get credit-card details before treating them and get rid of all the useless quangos, put power back in the hands of doctors and nurses and stop American hedge funds and drug companies taking over the NHS by stealth. Return it to founding principles, treat the sick not boob jobs and gastric bands for fatties.

Operation place

12:36pm Thursday 14th August 2014

I WOULD like to point out to Mr A Greenhalgh that there have been no real, honest-to-goodness socialists since the days of Clement Atlee and Aneurin Bevan. The two Eds along with numerous others who claim to have a socialist agenda are pseudo-socialists and are, in fact, going nowhere, nor do I believe they care. Twenty years ago, I had a quadruple bypass on the National Health Service.

Ship difference

12:35pm Thursday 14th August 2014

READING the Grassroots columns, I recall my re-encounter with schoolmate Charles Ferris with pleasure. Even considering our differing views on the importance of the Newport Ship, I willingly accept his proffered hand of friendship. I should perhaps inform him that I have already taken part in two highly-informative guided tours of the sorry remains which have quite failed to sway my opinions of the enterprise. Councillor Ferris’ offer of “honoured guest” at the next open day, albeit attractive, must regretfully be refused. Even were I to be offered the captaincy for the day, my first command, though sadly given, would be “abandon ship!”.

Artist not lewd

12:35pm Thursday 14th August 2014

IN response to the article printed in the Argus on August 9, I totally refute the description of Jonathan Sherwood and his “lewd” paintings. The said paintings may be graphic and indeed they are, but they epitomise the utter degradation of war and the total destruction and despair it causes. The article paints a totally wrong picture of Jonathan who has an innate hatred of war and violence and who seeks to address this in his paintings. Anyone who knows Jonathan will testify that he is non-violent, but holds strong views as to the inequality, unfairness and cruelty in the world. It is becoming increasingly apparent that we are approaching meltdown in the world. Indeed, world leaders do not know how to cope with the ineradicable situation. if they cannot cope, how do we lesser mortals manage? We devise strategies and this is Jonathan’s coping mechanism. I should know. I am his mother.

Logic over camp

12:34pm Thursday 14th August 2014

I REFER to the peace camp that had appeared to have been foisted on the people of Pill. The first that residents knew about this was towards the end of last week. There has been no attempt to engage in dialogue with residents. Good manners would dictate that a meeting should have been called early on. Very few leaflets have been distributed to properties near the park and Pippa Bartolotti is being disingenuous, at the very least, to claim that Pill Mill staff knew exactly what the planned event there was about. As for her comment “We were holding things at Pill Mill anyway so it was a logical decision” – whose logic? Arrogance comes to mind. Logical to hold a large gathering of people – numbers unknown – but 1,000 tent pitches planned. What are the logistics of placing 1,000 pitches on the park without using the pitches? It’s not a huge park. Ms Bartolotti appears to be playing games with the truth, but should remember that there is an election next year and people have long memories. Instead of bulldozing this peace camp through, she should practise a little democracy and consider the upheaval, potential danger and disruption for the residents of Pill.

Hols hotchpotch

3:49pm Wednesday 13th August 2014

THE on-going furore about parents being fined for taking their children on holiday during term time has highlighted the lack of thought and inconsistency running through the whole process.

No peace for Pill

3:48pm Wednesday 13th August 2014

DID the Ryder Cup leave a lasting legacy for Newport? Of course not, and will the Nato summit bring any lasting benefits to the City? Of course it won’t However it does promise a good day’s entertainment and fun with a Nato-themed festival. But, as usual, tucked between the lines is the real issue, it reads, that the peace protest camp is to be sited here in Pill.

Nato no thanks

3:47pm Wednesday 13th August 2014

CARDIFF and Newport Buses are to be messed up for weeks on end because of the Nato summit.

Dodge city risks

3:18pm Wednesday 13th August 2014

WHAT bright spark decided to move the main Newport post office from Bridge Street, it’s home for over 30 years, to the beleaguered Kingsway Centre?

Well done team

3:06pm Wednesday 13th August 2014

ALMOST two years ago, Wates Living Space began the mammouth task of bringing the three residential tower blocks owned by Newport City Homes up to the Welsh Housing Qualtiy Standard.

Plea for help

12:16pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

My mother married a Navy Petty Officer John Robert (Bob) Botwood in 1935. Her maiden name was Sarah Ann Reed SARAH ANN REED born, I think, at Fleur de Lis. She was the eldest of 16 children with, I think, her eldest brother being Jack who had a son Peter. I have tried many times to connect with these lost relatives via MyAncestory and other services without any success.

Centre protest

12:15pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

All people interested in maintaining and broadening the scope of the Pontypool Settlement as a fully functional base for adult and community in mid and north Torfaen, might like to know that after the recent publicity, a protest meeting is to be held at Trosnant House (by the Settlement) on Tuesday August 19, 10am.

What a waste

12:14pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

A. BONDS letter(Wednesday 6th) was rather crude in its content and infantile in outlook. Perhaps MI5 would care to tell us why we have a 70 year time limit on the demise of our own Dr David Kelly of the WMD saga. To date the US, since the Second World War, has bombed over thirty countries. And when are they going to apologise for that Agent Orange gas in Vietnam – another illegal occupation. no Its silly to blame Marx for the demise of Russia, that’s like blaming Jesus Christ for the slaughter in the Crusades. How could a country that lost 27million from the last war want another one?(from the West) The Soviet Union was unsustainable, like North Korea today. It is state capitalism, not even Socialism. I’m saying the 15billion spent on Afghanistan could have been better spent in our communities.

Charity choice

12:13pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

As chief executive of Wales’ leading environmental group, I’m delighted to tell your readers that Keep Wales Tidy has been shortlisted as one of Tesco’s potential charities to receive their 5p bag levy charge over the coming year and now the final decision is down to the public.

Scandalous cost of bin collection

12:12pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

The news that Blaenau Gwent Council is considering three-weekly black bag collections is truly disgusting. People in Waunlwyd are already regularly reporting rat infestation problems due to the two-weekly collection, coupled with the fact that the poorly designed wheelie bins blow over and scatter their contents in a heavy breeze, not to mention the fact that not everyone has been issued with a wheelie bin yet, as the council seem unable to supply bins small enough for disabled people with stepped access to use. To move to a three-weekly collection will simply make this serious public health problem even worse, especially in the summer when children play in the same back lanes where the bins are stored.

Tactic of war

12:30pm Monday 11th August 2014

JUST AN observation on the appalling situation in Gaza. If the people who democratically voted in a party whose stated mandate was the destruction of Israel thought their future would be peaceful and productive, they were very naive.

Really wild show

12:22pm Monday 11th August 2014

I AM writing to congratulate Torfaen council on their show of wildflowers this summer. Having spent quite some time in the county filming a new series for BBC Wales over the past few months, I have been delighted to see several roadsides and roundabouts carpeted in a dazzling array of wildflowers. Two weeks ago, towards the end of the spell of hot weather, these flowers were buzzing with bees and I saw six different species of butterflies feeding on nectar at one roundabout. At a time when we have lost over 98 per cent of our flower-rich hay meadows in Wales, areas like this are a godsend to our pollinators.

English freedom

12:19pm Monday 11th August 2014

ENGLAND is the last remnant of the British Empire which has yet to be given its freedom, according to the man who was head of the Local Government Association (LGA). Sir Merrick Cockell represented 373 councils in England and Wales and feels England needs devolution like Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He says England is the last remnant of the British Empire. Everyone else has been given back their freedom.

Riots role

12:18pm Monday 11th August 2014

I WAS interested to read the article ‘100 Years Ago – The First World War’ about the Dublin riots. My grandfather Albert Barrett served with the Kings Own Scottish Borderers and I have two of his diaries, one dated 1917 and the other 1918. I didn’t know his regiment was involved in the riots, so thanks to you I have found out a bit more of my family history. He was wounded twice in the war but went on to run a corner shop in the Black Country – as in Open All Hours!

Wetlands advice

12:17pm Monday 11th August 2014

LOCALS would be well-advised to listen to AM Jessica Morden’s advice to visit the Newport Wetlands and Magor Marsh (SWA Aug 4). Do it now before her Labour colleagues at Cardiff Bay drive a relief road though them.

Sorry Mr Obama

12:16pm Monday 11th August 2014

IN Francesca Gillett’s article of Wednesday, August 6, William Graham AM is alleged to have written to Newport councillors suggesting they should consider awarding President Barack Obama the freedom of the City of Newport. Apparently, some Newport councillors replied that this would not happen. The reason they gave was that President Obama had done nothing for Newport – a case of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ , perhaps.

Cuts are a fact we have to face

12:15pm Monday 11th August 2014

I WISH someone would educate your correspondent Andrew Nutt. He makes a career out of attacking our Welsh Assembly and his local council.

Failure to act

12:28pm Friday 8th August 2014

MR MANN has a point regarding councillors’ inability to listen to their local electorate and effective influence the unelected.

Fantastic event

12:28pm Friday 8th August 2014

I HAD the pleasure of joining thousands of people in Blackwood this weekend, as I do every year at the annual Blackwood Carnival.

Carnival support

12:27pm Friday 8th August 2014

I WOULD like to thank the Argus for its coverage of Blackwood carnival.

Good news story

12:26pm Friday 8th August 2014

I HAVE intended to write this letter for a long time. The wonderful headline ‘Just look at us now’ plus photograph (Argus, Saturday August 2nd).-”Just look at us now” persuaded me to write. When I picked up this edition, I couldn’t help smiling.

Plans will cause residents misery

12:22pm Friday 8th August 2014

ONCE again we have the issue of the M4 relief road route being in dispute.

Thanks to media

12:34pm Thursday 7th August 2014

WITH the home nations winning a good selection of medals at Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, it’s coupled with a tinge of traditional fury about the English presenters on the BBC coverage and English media concentrating too much on team England.

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