Good or bad?

1:22pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

A HUGE majority of Welsh people do not want Scotland to vote for independence and think it would be bad for Wales, the results of an exclusive poll have revealed. The results of the A YouGov survey, which questioned more than 1,000 Welsh adults on how they would vote, found that 62 per cent answered ‘No’ when asked if Scotland should be independent, with just 16 per cent saying ‘Yes’ to independence As an independent Scotland would mean fewer Labour MPs at Westminster and would give us a Tory majority. Labour would never win a general election again to form a single government.

Costly albatross

1:22pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

YOUR comments regarding the draconian implementation of the Welsh Language Act struck a chord with me. If only for the fact that I have been calling for the Act to be curtailed for years.

Ardade mix-up

1:21pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

I HOPE the Argus will make a correction to my letter (April 16) concerning the Market Arcade, as it is between High Street and Market Street, not between Cambrian Road and High Street. I enjoy a few senior moments sometimes, but not this time.I wrote that: “surely a Newport City Council investment can be found for this Arcade,to attain the high-quality standard and potential of the excellent Newport Arcade, which is situated between Cambrian Road and High Street.”

Do the maths

1:20pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

WHAT ARE we to make of Tories’ claims that for the first time in four wages are now rising faster than inflation, with wages rising by 1.7per cent and inflation at 1.6per cent? Sadly, a closer look reveals the stark truth: once you take out the lucky four per cent of people who saw a real rise income, due mostly to bonuses bounces (bankers), we see that the remaining 96per cent of people who did got a pay rise saw their pay increase by 1.4 per cent., these figures speak for themselves.

Sort out supply

1:19pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

IN WHAT is a totally opposite approach to that used with other utilities, THE WAG’s latest madcap idea is to install a water meter for every home in Wales.

Graves dignity

1:18pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

I HAVE to applaud Torfaen council’s plans to strip graves of “over personalisation,” because it has gone completely over the top, with the cemeteries developing into mini Disneylands as in some cases families trying to outdo each other. What is the point of all this stuff? Let us keep a measure of dignity and solemnity in these places.

All revved up

11:21am Monday 21st April 2014

HOW POIGNANT to read in today’s Argus of planning permission for the former Queensway Meadows speedway site. Today (April 11) is the 50th anniversary of the first appearance of a Newport Speedway team, at Cradley Heath in a Southern League match.

Canal zone visit

11:20am Monday 21st April 2014

I ORGANISE return visits back to the Egyptian Canal Zone where I served in the 1950s along with thousands of others. Many service personnel died and are buried in the cemeteries that we visit: Ismailia, Fayid, Moascar, Tel-el-Kebir.

No messing

11:20am Monday 21st April 2014

LIKE Mr Morgan (Letters, 14 April), many Caerphilly County Borough residents are disgusted by dog fouling on our pavements and paths. Caerphilly Council takes this issue very seriously.

NHS truths

11:19am Monday 21st April 2014

THE SURVEY of NHS regions makes unpleasant, if not unexpected, reading. Less money being invested in the Welsh NHS means an inferior service. This confirms all the criticisms by the Prime Minister (and also Labour MP Ann Clwyd).

PCC's bold move

11:18am Monday 21st April 2014

THE RE-OPENING of several Gwent police stations by Ian Johnston, the local police and crime commissioner (PCC) is a bold decision that effectively reverses cuts made to front desk services at the seven stations (out of 17) that were closed to the public back in 2012 (with the loss of 19 jobs).

Why the insults?

11:17am Monday 21st April 2014

DOES this man ever stop? (11/4) Again he is trying to drag me into his anti-gang Glebelands houses demo.

TLC for arcade

12:35pm Wednesday 16th April 2014

NEWPORT’S decades-long-promised Friar’s Walk £90 million retail and leisure development (Argus, April 10) finally has lift-off and will hopefully be completed by autumn 2015.

Rubbish humour

12:34pm Wednesday 16th April 2014

THE DAY following publication of my letter about the new smaller refuse bins being swallowed along with two others in my street, three out of 12, new ones were delivered to us.

Day to celebrate

12:33pm Wednesday 16th April 2014

A DAY to celebrate — Forty Days, the American anti-abortionists who stood outside the family planning clinic in Cardiff have gone back home.

Marriage is best

12:32pm Wednesday 16th April 2014

DO WE really strive for the right things in life? “Key Date on Adolescence 2013” published by the Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH) covers an amazing range of statistics. But what stood out was the phrase “More needs to be done to support lone parents to prevent young people being adversely affected by poverty”.

It has to be UKIP

12:27pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

SO PLAID MEP Jill Evans has voted in favour of getting some cash back out of the £53m a day the EU costs us (Letters, April 8). Big deal!

Why not diesel

12:25pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

THE ONGOING spat between Westminster and Cardiff (Argus, April 8) over who pays for the electrification of the Valleys railways would normally make good “knockabout” politics, except for the millions required to see the project through.

Sewage problem

12:24pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

I DON’T profess to be an engineer but I think I’m right in saying the sewer outlet from the Harlech Retail Park at Maesglas is not big enough to take the amount of raw sewage, quite often spewing it across the pavement, forcing pedestrians to walk through itthis mess and smell, taking it on their footwear into Tesco’s and other stores.

Health theft

12:23pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

I READ with horror in today’s press about BUPA paying their customers to use the NHS for heart cancer and obstetrics treatment up to £2,000 each, rather than going to their private hospitals. Surely this is fraud; they are charging their customers for private health care, and cheating the taxpayers into subsidising their vast profits.

Evolutionary tale

12:22pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

AS LABOUR-controlled Torfaen Council makes a further £11.2 million cut to the budget (bringing the total cut to £44.2 million!) I noticed on the front page of “Torfaen Talks” a photograph of Cllr Hunt and the dear leader Cllr Bob Wellington.

Empire building?

12:21pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

NEWPORT rightly prides itself on good community relations, but I wonder how much longer this is likely to be the case as certain vociferous big voices in the majority population try to force debating chambers in independent countries to follow their own so-called “Western values”.

Just a sand pit

1:49pm Monday 14th April 2014

WHO WAS the bright spark who thought it would be a good idea to put a beach in Gwent Square, are they importing the sea as well, because without that all it is, is a glorified sand pit.


1:49pm Monday 14th April 2014

I WAS amazed to read in Newport Matters that the council has identified a stunning piece of architecture in High Street – amazed because I don’t know we had anything left. Watch out for the men with the big hammers, it could be next.

Clean up mess

1:48pm Monday 14th April 2014

WALKING along the canal I approached the area of Gelli Avenue, where a person joined the canal with a black and white Jack Russell Terrier by the name of “Jack”. They hurried along quite a long way in front of the dog calling his name, lo and behold the dog does his business, no sign of a pooper bag, just left there, too far in front of me to make a comment. I sincerely hope that he reads the Argus, more important Caerphilly Council will.

Anger at ban

1:46pm Monday 14th April 2014

WALES may be the first to ban electronic cigarettes in public places. So my family and friends who have given up, and are now healthier and wealthier, are wrong? Seems it may encourage children to smoke, by apparently starting with electronic cigs, and working backwards to tobacco. The Welsh Taffia have done themselves proud this time. Any sign of tobacco companies in the background? Oh I’m a cynic.

Leave us alone

1:46pm Monday 14th April 2014

I WOULD like to add to Lynne James’ letter on the banning of e-cigarettes, which I do not support as it is nannying in the extreme.

Anger at ban

1:45pm Monday 14th April 2014

WALES may be the first to ban electronic cigarettes in public places. So my family and friends who have given up, and are now healthier and wealthier, are wrong? Seems it may encourage children to smoke, by apparently starting with electronic cigs, and working backwards to tobacco. The Welsh Taffia have done themselves proud this time. Any sign of tobacco companies in the background? Oh I’m a cynic.

Divorce change

1:44pm Monday 14th April 2014

I WANTED to draw your readers’ attention to a change in the law which will hit many people, and which comes into effect on April 22.

Stand up for city

1:43pm Monday 14th April 2014

I WRITE as an old Newportonian and have expressed my opinions a number of times through the Argus (It does come this far west).

Who's guilty?

12:04pm Friday 11th April 2014

WHY IS it that jobseekers allowance recipients (JSAs) who are five minutes late for a job interview get deprived of their benefit (£71 weekly) meaning their livelihood for four weeks for the first infringement as it’s called, of the “rules”, three months for the second, or three years for the third. While bankers, traders, hedge funds, financiers, and private equity managers who have corruptly stolen hundreds of millions of pounds from the public purse suffer no punishment at all?

A love match

12:04pm Friday 11th April 2014

SO NOW we have same-sex marriage. Or do we?

Homes row

12:03pm Friday 11th April 2014

THE GOOD news is that Jim Dyer (Argus 1.4.14) continues objecting to the Newport Labour Council’s proposed 248 homes on the Glebelands Park contaminated site, and tells us that he is “not the only one who hasn’t put “my” objection in writing”. The bad news is that the planning committee will not consider hearsay or street-talk, but a request by Jim Dyer or any other Newport citizen to address the committee is probably possible. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know this. I can take criticism and sarcasm, but it is inexcusable to accuse me of saying the Council is stupid. The repeated twaddle from Jim Dyer is not surprising. In the recent past, he has tried to denigrate my referring to air pollution in Newport, traffic congestion, dogs’ mess in our streets, litter, vandalism etc. I wonder if he needs a pen-pal or does he just enjoy discounting anybody else’s opinions.

Causing ire...

12:02pm Friday 11th April 2014

I HELP to run Line Dancing Classes at the Newport Centre on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Tuesday mornings.

Bus problems

12:01pm Friday 11th April 2014

I HELP to run Line Dancing Classes at the Newport Centre on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Tuesday mornings.

Thank you

12:50pm Thursday 10th April 2014

 COULD I, through the letters page of the South Wales Argus, thank the person who handed in my handbag in Wetherspoons in Cambrian Road, Newport, last Thursday evening. It was very traumatic for a short while, but when staff brought it to me I would have liked to have thanked the finder in person.

One law for MPs

12:49pm Thursday 10th April 2014

THE watchdog in charge of parliamentary expenses has declared war on MPs, saying they can no longer be trusted to police their own affairs.

Save our NHS

12:48pm Thursday 10th April 2014

HOW dare that idiot Clegg attack the NHS in Wales. His party’s collusion with the Tories is trying to privatise the NHS in England by stealth.

Lots struggling

12:47pm Thursday 10th April 2014

I THANK Ian Simpson of Bron Afon Community Housing for admitting that tenants living in the south of the borough of Torfaen will have to pay what is in effect a “location” tax of £4.30 per week (£17.20 per month).

Use our power

12:46pm Thursday 10th April 2014

THERE are generations of nostalgic Newport citizens who tend to be very loyal customers to the stalwarts of Commercial Street, companies like Wildings, BHS, Boots and Marks & Spencer. It is customers who ultimately wield the power and dictate success or failure within a company by paying the wages and contributing to the profits.

Not quite true

12:45pm Thursday 10th April 2014

IN RESPONSE to the “Service Cut Cancercareline Blackwood” section on the Plaid Cymru Blackwood by-election candidate’s leaflet. (Andrew Farina-Childs).

Too busy?

12:14pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

PERHAPS Mark Whitcutt and Debbie Wilcox would like to explain why they have not held any ward meetings recently on the Gaer. And if they’re going to use the excuse that they work, perhaps they should be reminded that, yes, they do work for the council and get well paid for it too.

Put brakes on

12:14pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

ROAD safety charity Brake (Argus, April 2) has revealed great support for 20mph speed limits around schools and on residential streets.

Talk to us

12:13pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

ALTHOUGH I agree that there is little more disgusting than dog mess, the measures to tackle the problem need to be practical and discerning. For example, are blind people to be fined for circumstances outside their control?

Mural option

12:12pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

I AGREE with most of Indigo Pete’s points (Argus, March 26), but adding anything to the image of the Chartist Mural would seriously dilute its impact, its immediacy and its message.

Leave us alone

12:11pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

I’M INCREASINGLY annoyed by the constant attacks on Wales by David Cameron and the Daily Mail. Cameron constantly refers to NHS failings in Wales which he blames on the Welsh Government. Clearly he is determined to convince the electorate that socialism does not work.

Put Wales first

12:59pm Tuesday 8th April 2014

WE ALL know that IF WALES is to have a voice in Europe, there has to be a Plaid Cymru Member of the European Parliament. That was the message we took to the streets of Newport last weekend. I was pleased that party members from across the south east joined Jill Evans MEP and I knocking doors in the Tredegar Park ward.

Hospital thanks

12:58pm Tuesday 8th April 2014

I FEEL I must write to inform you of the wonderful treatment I have received in the Royal Gwent Hospital. During the last three years, I have had cancers removed from my face in dermatology, kidney stones zapped in urology, my gall bladder removed on New Year’s Eve 2012 and in March this year I have had a hernia repair.

Open invitation

12:56pm Tuesday 8th April 2014

NEWPORT Senior Citizens Forum is an organisation which seeks to represent the interests of all those in the 50+ age group, holding quarterly meetings at the Riverside Suite, Newport Centre (next meeting AGM April 14, at 2pm).

Ban ill-informed

12:55pm Tuesday 8th April 2014

THE PROPOSED ban on e-cigarettes in public places is ill-informed and a policy decision which could have serious implications. The e-cigarette, if supported and promoted without the scaremongering which is prevalent, could effectively make tobacco usage a thing of the past. The Royal College of Physicians, NICE and ASH all report potential benefits, yet Mark Drakeford knows better. To restrict the use of e-cigarettes will encourage people to return to smoking and perpetuate the health problems of tobacco. It is not a gateway to smoking. It is a gateway from smoking to vaping a far healthier alternative. If the government want to ban e-cigarettes then no doubt they will do so, but let’s not pretend it is in the name of public health.

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