AS WELSH Conservative candidates in Caerphilly, we are committed to putting power back into the hands of local communities.

We want a simplified planning system that does away with the current complexities.

We want a more accountable local authority with all spending over £500 made publicly available online.

We want safer streets and cleaner communities right across Caerphilly.

We want to keep council tax frozen; unlike Labour in the Welsh Government who have refused to use UK government money to bring in a universal freeze, as has happened in England.

If elected, we would work hard to clean up graffiti and get rid of the litter and dog fouling that so often ruins the beauty of our area.

On May 3 a decision to vote Conservative will allow voters to keep on deciding in the years ahead.


WELSH Labour’s focus in these elections is to stand up for our communities against the onslaught of Tory Government cuts. Our priorities include a massive £92million investment in schools and school buildings across Caerphilly County Borough. £46million of this has already been allocated by Welsh Labour at the Assembly. We will create apprenticeships in traditional trades and a range of other jobs, as part of a £173million investment in council housing and housing estates.

Young People will benefit from additional youth clubs that for the first time will be open all year and not closed for most of the summer. We will tackle the problem of dog mess by employing additional wardens as well as employing additional community safety wardens to continue the fight against anti-social behaviour.

Welsh Labour will also abolish the stealth charges introduced by Plaid Cymru for the collection of unwanted household furniture etc, and replacement wheelie bins.

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Liberal Democrats

THE local elections onMay 3 offer people the opportunity to make a real difference to their community.

Our message is clear. Voting for the Welsh Liberal Democrats will deliver you local champions who will fight for better-run councils, investment in education and councillors who will campaign for you and your community.

Areas in Wales that have elected Welsh Liberal Democrat councils, such as in S w a n s e a , Wrexham and Cardiff, know that we have worked hard to keep council tax rises the lowest in Wales, while at the same time we have delivered better local services, better schools and better value for money.

We have a reputation for standing up for local people and for pushing for investment in the areas we represent. It is very easy for politics and politicians to become remote but Welsh Liberal Democrats keep in touch all year around.

A vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats can make a real difference to your community.

Plaid Cymru

ALLAN Pritchard, Plaid Cymru leader in Caerphilly.

Residents throughout Caerphilly county borough have a stark choice when they go to the polls on May 3.

Plaid is proud of its record – firstclass frontline services, apprentice and training places for our young people, regenerating town centres, opening new libraries, all delivered withWales’ lowest council tax rises.

The alternative is stepping back into the dark ages.

Plaid froze council tax for two years because of the struggles families and individuals faced – higher food, power and fuel bills at a time of job insecurity.

Rises over four years average just 1.3 per cent, compared to 4.5 per cent under Labour.

We’ll continue helping our young people as they begin their working life, £264m is earmarked for improving schools and council homes with millions of pounds planned for road improvements.

This election is aboutwhodelivers best for Caerphilly county – not a verdict on the London or Cardiff governments. We urge residents to let us continue transforming Caerphilly county – at an affordable cost.

● There are 27 independent candidates standing in the Caerphilly council election next month.