WELSH Conservatives will be fielding a record 16 candidates in Torfaen for this election; clearly demonstrating the growing public appreciation of policies that will improve the quality of lifestyle and drive sustainable economic growth at both local and national level.

We shall continue to commit ourselves to accountable, transparent government and objective scrutiny.

We will offer constructive opposition and will continue to highlight the failures and positive achievements of which ever administration governs Torfaen.

We shall again acknowledge the pressure of the economic downturn on families within Torfaen by not accepting any increase in councillor’s allowances. We seek election to voluntary public service and we shall continue to actively engage with every one we are elected to serve to effectively present their views.

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WITH a Tory government threatening local services, costing local jobs and putting millionaires before hard-pressed families and pensioners, our communities need Labour councillors to stand up for them more than ever.

In Torfaen, we have a team of candidates with the right balance of new blood and experience.

With budget cuts flowing from Westminster, the next few years won’t be easy.

Empty promises just won’t cut it.

What we need is a plan of action to protect local services and stand up for local people.

The last thing our are needs is so-called ‘independent’ councillors siding with the Tories and Lib Dems instead of standing up for local people.

We’ve drawn up a manifesto that lays out our key pledges, which can be found at

In the tough times to come, we will work to protect the young, the old and the vulnerable, whilst safeguarding the local jobs that the council provides and keeping council tax bills down.

Liberal Democrats

THE local elections on May 3 offer people the opportunity to make a real difference to their community.

Our message is clear. Voting for the Welsh Liberal Democrats will deliver you local champions who will fight for better-run councils, investment in education and councillors who will campaign for you and your community.

Areas inWales that have elected Welsh Liberal Democrat councils, such as in Swansea, Wrexham and Cardiff, know that we have worked hard to keep council tax rises the lowest inWales, while at the same time we have delivered better local services, better schools and better value for money.

We have a reputation for standing up for local people and for pushing for investment in the areas we represent.

It is very easy for politics and politicians to become remote but Welsh Liberal Democrats keep in touch all year around.

A vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats can make a real difference to your community.

Plaid Cymru

THIS is a local election, about local issues. When people elect Plaid councillors in Torfaen, they elect a team of local champions who will fight for their area.

Plaid is your local party. We understand that you, like us, want to continue to feel pride in where we live – pride in our streets, pride in our communities and pride in our country.

Despite the austerity we have great ambition for our area.

Your growing team of Plaid councillors in Torfaen will prioritise helping local business and creating local jobs, especially for our young people.

We’ll work with teachers, parents and governors to improve standards in Torfaen’s schools so that our children have the best chance in life.

We’ll restore pride back into our areas by employing community caretakers to tackle litter problems.

Together, with your support, Plaid’s team of local councillors can build a more successful Torfaen for all.