Lliswerry Pond

9:22am Monday 7th April 2008

By John Guy

LLISWERRY POND: Many years ago drams rumbled through an area of Alway carrying limestone from Aberthaw quarry, and this industry, now long disappeared, has left us a remarkable legacy in the area.

Near the railway line the quarrying excavations went down well below ground level, and on one eventful day quarrymen struck an underground stream which flooded that area and produced Lliswerry pond, which at its deepest point is 25 feet.

The pond is now a remarkable oasis for the community, surrounded as it is now by flora and fauna with the various types of trees just starting to move from their dormant winter life to the full fledge of spring. The pond is well stocked with fish and it is a pond well known for the predatory monster pike who lie in wait in the depths below.

Swans are just beginning to nest and a pair of geese are doing likewise. Moorhen and coot glide across the pond and other types of duck come and go throughout the seasons, with local birds just beginning to compete for nesting spots in the surrounding cover.

Much work has been done of late to produce a walkway around the pond for disabled persons and the banks have been stabilised and fishing points produced. The pond has been cleaned and dredged and a metal safety fence has been constructed right around the perimeter of the pond.

Many enthusiasts have taken responsibility for the pond linking in with the local angling association, Alway Community Association and Newport city council, who have all played their part in raising the money to complete the excellent refurbishment works.

On most days you will find Pat, after a hard day's work, arriving at the pond to keep things in order and protect our local jewel in the crown set in the community of Alway.

CONSTRUCTION JOBS: Three young people from the Somerton estate (Craig Dennis, Michael Golledge and Josh Kent) attended a launch at the Celtic Manor on Tuesday, April 2.

The launch was aimed at helping people in deprived communities, giving them a taste of the construction industry.

Craig Dennis had a 15-minute interview with the Duke of Gloucester.

Craig talked about the Somerton estate and the types of construction jobs the young people are interested in.

Well done to the three of you, and we all hope that local youngsters in the community will be able to find training in the industry.


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