THE recent snow fall has caused chaos on Chepstow Road with many tailbacks and grid-locked traffic.

Police are advising the public to travel only when it is absoloutly necessary.

Newport Bus have also been effected by the heavy snow and every one of their 47 services have been delayed. The Ringland corridor buses will only be running along main roads and will not be entering the estates.

Dwr Cymru have also had many calls regarding frozen pipes and would like to inform customers of what to do if this occurs to you.

* To prevent frozen pipes it is important to check where your stop tap is located and ensure that it is well insulated, along with other water pipes that are exposed to freezing temperatures.

* But if the supply pipe has already frozen then turn off the stop tap and open a tap in the kitchen or bathroom to drain down the system.

The snow has also closed a large stretch of the M4 motorway and parts have been restricted to one lane.

Hazardous driving conditions are reported and one lane blocked due to snow on M4 both ways between J23 M48 (Magor) and J32 A470 / A4054 (Coryton Interchange).

The advice from the local authorities is to stay at home, wrap up and only to leave your homes if it is necessary.

More snow is forcast by the Met Office for the rest of the week, with many retailers suffering already.

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