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Ben is 13 years old and covers the Ringland area of Newport.

Posted at 1:28pm Monday 20th December 2010

Snow causes chaos on Chepstow Road

THE recent snow fall has caused chaos on Chepstow Road with many tailbacks and grid-locked traffic.

Posted at 10:37pm Friday 6th February 2009

How the snow effected you

WHILE thousands of Children this week have been playing in the snow, building snowmen and having the times of their lives, many parents have had to put their jobs on hold to look after their children due to school closures.

Posted at 8:17pm Tuesday 18th November 2008

Unwanted items needed!

The celebrate and Give Christmas Fete in only 3 weeks away and we need your unwanted items for our bits and bobs stall...

Posted at 6:17pm Monday 10th November 2008

Celebrate and Give Christmas Fete

Come along to a fun filled Christmas Fete on the 13th of December from 12noon-2pm at Eveswell Community Centre...

Posted at 6:04pm Monday 10th November 2008

Sponsored Silence Paid Off!

Six kids from a Torfaen comprehensive school get sponsored to be silent for a whole day...

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