Learning about fire safety

2:53pm Friday 30th November 2007

By Fenwick Witheridge

Fire Safety Risk Assessment Course:
Not without some reluctance on my part I was persuaded to join a fire risk assessment course at the Gaer Community Centre last week.

Together with some other members of the Gaer Community Network I duly attended.

The series of lectures by Paul Sullivan accompanied by film slides was a complete eye opener.

I have never realised how great is the fire risk in any venue, and my understanding of the subject has greatly increased as a result of the course. From blocked fire doors, to materials placed near to a heat source. We were guided through an assessment of the building. It is amazing how many hazards can be spotted.

Of course the hazards were placed for training purposes, but it was all too easy to walk pass them without realising the risks.

A Winter walk:
Our old Spaniel died some months ago and in spite of not wishing to have another dog, we reluctantly agreed to look after a dog that had been found running loose along a dual carriageway.

She has settled with us as though we were old acquaintances and we, as a result have been forced to resume healthy walks. The afternoon walk today was over the Gaer and what a lovely place it is.

The views are stunning and the walk is marvellous in stirring up ones cardiac equipment, with its hilly aspect. However I would dearly love to know how such a well trained and well looked after creature ended up in such a perilous situation.

If it had not been for the courage and determination of the gentleman who rescued her, she could have been killed or at least badly injured. Nevertheless she has settled in with us and seems to regard us as part of her family.

Therefore, if she is not claimed my wife and myself will continue to care for her.

The Gaer Community Centre:
The Gaer Community Playgroup has places for children available from January. The Playgroup takes children from two years old. The opening times are Monday to Friday from 9.30am until 11.25am. The cost is £4.50 per session.

For more information contact Sue at the Gaer Community Centre, 01633 784068.

There will be some new courses starting in January at the Community Centre. Computers for the terrified. This is a six week taster course. Internet and e-mail (six week taster course). Digital Photography (12 week course).

Last but by no mean least is Genealogy on the Internet. For more information or to book onto any of these courses, contact the Centre on 01633 784068.

Car vandalism:
The Gaer Community Centre has ten parking places available in the adjacent car park. However, there have been some rather disturbing reports of cars having refuse and kitchen waste dumped on the cars while the owners were enjoying the facilities of the centre. This despicable vandalism must be stopped.

People who use the facilities of the Community Centre have every right to use these parking spaces without fear. A lady was reduced to tears quite recently upon discovering kitchen waste on top of her car. Let us hope that these very anti-social activities cease immediately.

A very tasty meal:
I am reliably informed that the Gaer Senior Citizens Community Club thoroughly enjoyed a Christmas luncheon at the Gaer Community Centre recently. All present really enjoyed the event and a very good time was enjoyed by all.

The Gaer Community Network Newsletter:
The long awaited Newsletter has been published and is available to all residents. Full of useful information the Gaer Gazette covers every activity on the Gaer and gives copious information on club, sporting events, dance activities and computer classes.

A vote of thanks is due to Ian Glastonbury for the hard work put in by him leading to the publication of the Gazette.


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