EASTER PRIZE BINGO: St Peter's Church in Wales Primary School, Blaenavon, are organising an Easter prize bingo evening.

The event will be taking place on Thursday, March 6, at the Constitutional Club, Blaenavon, and the entrance fee will be 20p.

The doors will be open at 5.45pm, and it will be eyes down!' at 6.30pm.

There will be Easter prizes, spring prizes, chocolates, wine and many, many more!!!

The bar will be open for refreshments.

The organisers invite everyone to go along and join in the fun, children are welcome, and, who knows, it might just be your lucky night!

SUPPORT FOR ROMANIA: The members of Horeb Baptist Church, Blaenavon, are lending their support to the Support For Romania' charity.

The members have decided to donate small cream easter eggs, that will be sent to Romania to be distributed to the street children at Easter.

Mrs Pauline Whitcombe, the church secretary, is arranging for the eggs to be sent to Alan and Ann Penrose, of the above charity, to their warehouse in Cardiff.

If anyone in Blaenavon would like to donate some small cream eggs (only small cream eggs, please), then you can contact Pauline, on 01495 790704, to arrange for them to be added to the church's collection.

Alternatively, you could also give a donation, and Horeb Church members will buy eggs with the money.

Easter in Romania will be on April 27 (five weeks after ours), so there is time to get the eggs there before their Easter.

However, as all Easter eggs have to be delivered to Cardiff by Monday, March 17, all donations should be given to Horeb Church as soon as possible.

BLAENAVON NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICING TEAM: There will be public consultations at Blaenavon police station on the following dates: Thursday, March 13, from 6pm to 9pm, with PCSO33 Pauline Lohfink; Thursday, March 27, from 9am to noon, with PCSO33 Pauline Lohfink; Thursday, April 10, from 6pm to 9pm with PC256 Ian Barnett and CO127 Hannah Gillum; Wednesday, April 23, from 9am to noon, with PC256 Ian Barnett and CO127 Hannah Gillum; Thursday, May 8, from 6pm to 9pm, with PCSO33 Pauline Lohfink.

Your local Neighbourhood Team will be pleased to see you at Blaenavon police station.

You are free to visit them if you have any information, queries or concerns about events and/or incidents in the Blaenavon area. Local officers will be available to speak to you.

NORTH GWENT CARDIAC REHABILITATION: North Gwent Cardiac Rehabilitation classes are held in Blaenavon every week, and are a very important part of the lives of a group of people in our town.

After suffering a heart attack or cardiac problem, patients are referred to the classes by Nevill Hall Hospital, in Abergavenny, and people whose GPs think might benefit from more exercise are also referred.

The classes are run by Tricia Davies and Helen Sanchez, who are BACR Phase 4' qualified.

The classes had been held in Blaenavon for five years, at Blaenavon Leisure Centre until its closure.

Luckily, the members have found a new home at Blaenavon Constitutional Club, and they wish to say how grateful they are to be able to use the facilities at the club, because it is essential to keep the classes going locally.

Members regret the closure of Blaenavon swimming pool, because swimming was an enjoyable part of rehabilitation for many people, and travelling to Pontypool or Cwmbran was not an easy option in many cases. Many of the class do now miss the regular swimming exercise.

The classes are held at 1.30pm weekly at the club, on Wednesdays; downstairs Tricia Davies holds a 50-plus aerobics dance class, while upstairs there is gym equipment, exercise bikes, rowing machines, etc, all supervised by Helen Sanchez.

After the exercise class, teas and refreshments are enjoyed and there are educational talks and dietary advice for those in need.

If anyone feels that they would benefit from rehabilitation classes, then they should see their GP, who will need to recommend that they attend - There are forms at GP surgeries.

You can also go to the Constitutional Club at 3.30pm, on Wednesdays, to talk to Tricia or Helen about joining the class, or obtaining forms.

The first month of classes is free, and after that there is a charge of £2.20 per class.

You receive one hour of exercise, plus talks and advice afterwards.

The North Gwent rehab class has just been successful in obtaining a National Lottery grant, enabling them to buy two exercise bikes, two rowing machines and also an extra hour of class with the funding.

And in the future, members would like to buy a treadmill.

Kay Prescott is a regular member of the class and tells me that it has changed her life.

Kay had very high blood pressure, and since joining the class, she has lost weight, become fit again and is able to swim and walk for much longer periods of time and with no difficulty and has a "new lease on life", all thanks to the rehab class.

Nigel Scourfield tells me that the classes are brilliant. He has cardiac problems, and he explained that the class gave him confidence to go out again after leaving hospital after a heart attack.

Meeting together each week is a real pleasure for this group of people, who, I'm told, enjoy much laughter, friendship, and, of course, exercise together.