MEETING: Mrs Jean Wiltshire, president, welcomed all to the April meeting held in the Ponthir Village Hall on Monday, April 7.

Mrs Agnes Heath, secretary, dealt with the necessary business, read minutes, correspondence and the County Letter.

She also gave us a brief account of the two resolutions which will be discussed in more detail at the annual meeting.

Mrs Margaret Jones agreed to act as delegate at the ACM to be held at County Hall, Cwmbran, on Wednesday, April 23.

Members agreed to provide a cake stall in support of Ponthir School Fete to be held on Saturday, June 14.

Mrs Jean Wiltshire appealed to members to be willing to allow their names to go forward for committee which will take place in May at the annual meeting.

The speaker for the evening was Mrs Margaret Kinsey who spoke on the women of the Rhondda'. She gave a most informative talk, with the help of slides, referring to the change over the last 200 years and was ably assisted by her husband. Mrs Nancy Davies gave a vote of thanks to them both for a very enjoyable evening taking us back in history to when our grandparents lived - what a change!

Mrs Kinsey judged the competition and Mrs Jean Wiltshire was awarded first for her Welsh doll.

The raffle was won by Mrs Nesta Hendridge.

Tea and biscuits were served by Mrs Mary Laxton and Mrs Alma Edwards.Members were reminded that the May meeting will be on Monday, May 5, at 7.15pm, at Ponthir Village Hall, and will be the annual meeting. The competition is a floral arrangement in a basket. So, come along and join us.