ALL THE WAY FROM THE US OF A!: Beer enthusiasts will be able to enjoy beers from as far afield as the USA and Japan during a 19-day festival at Wetherspoons, in Pontypool.

The cask-conditioned beers on offer at The John Capel Hanbury, in Osborne Road, Pontypool, will include five from overseas, as well as award-winning ales, fruit and wheat beers, and those brewed exclusively for the festival, which will run from Thursday, March 27, until Monday, April 14, with all beers priced at £1.49 a pint.

Among the more unusual beers will be Stone California Double IPA, from the USA, and Yo-Ho Tokyo Black, from Japan.

Both beers are being brewed exclusively in England for the festival, and not previously sold in UK pubs.

Manager Andrew Daniels said: "The beer festival will have an international flavour, and will give people the opportunity to enjoy a superb selection of beers, which are not normally available in the area."

Customers will be able to sample any three of the real ales in special third-of-a-pint glasses for the price of a pint during the festival.