A GROUP of Chepstow pupils are forging links with local elderly people by taking part in a gardening project.

Eight green-fingered teenagers, from Chepstow School, planted 2,500 bulbs at The Reddings, Bulwark as part of their 'Growing Opportunities' task recently.

One of the aims of this was to brighten up the gardens of the sheltered housing property, owned by Monmouthshire Housing Association, as some of the elderly residents are housebound.

The 14 to 16-year-olds spent four days planting, including one in half-term.

Teacher Angela Jones, who is helping to run the project, said it was fantastic to see the interaction between the two different age groups.

"One of our students went to wash up some of our tea cups and I found her helping take the rollers out of an elderly lady's hair. They love meeting the residents," she said.

The students are now planning a second planted phase for The Reddings, with a 'night and day' theme.