Teenagers hanging around train stations are becoming particularly alarming.

It is especially prevalent on the Cardiff to Rhymney line dominated by Arriva Trains Wales.

In the late afternoon teenagers start meeting on the stations anytime from 4pm on.

At Hengoed station, there is anything up to twenty teenage boys and girls having packed themselves onto the narrow station.

They occupy the station's shelter, they sit all over the steps of the bridge that crosses the line but mostly they mill around on the platform completely crowding it.

When passengers get off the train the teenagers don't get out of the way or make way for them and they have to be walked around.

One day a girl was actually standing on top of the train station shelter shouting obscenities and abuse at people as they got on and off the train.

As passengers walk across the bridge after getting off the train, the kids are running and stamping back and fore over the bridge making it shake.

They scream and shout and push each other around. It is very unnerving.

They have cans of beer and coke and throw the empties onto the line from the bridge.

They also try to throw them from one side of the station to the other, platform to platform.

So the whole station area including the line becomes bespattered with cans and bottles.

One evening, getting off a train at Hengoed at about 6pm, I was panicked to see boys throwing a girl's shoe onto the line as the train pulled out of the station.

The girl promptly climbed down onto the line to retrieve her shoes, all apparently unaware of the great danger of their actions.

Apart from the humiliating experience of walking through a crowd of rowdy abusive teenagers on the train station, after work and leaving the train, there is the obvious danger factor of kids hanging around train stations and messing about, shoving each other around and having no respect or concern for the size and speed of the trains.

There is the suction factor of the passing train as it causes wind turbulence, getting shoes or feet stuck in the railway line, the fall from the bridge of indeed the platform and if one of these trains so much as nicked your body there would not be much chance of surviving injury or escaping death.

And what about the rubbish left on the station and the line - despite the danger to wildlife what about the derailment of trains?

This new teenage craze and fascination with train stations is dangerous and must be stopped.