MEMORIES OF TREDEGAR: This week I would like to thank Mrs Anita Jenkins of Hollybush for her lovely nostalgic letter reminiscing about Tredegar, and how she remembered it.

Anita was particularly pleased that Tredegar now has a museum. Very interestingly, she thinks her great-great uncle built the town clock. He was known as "mad" Jo Jones, and, as Anita says, "even worse if he had a pint".

Her parents remember the steam trains going through Nantybwch.

Although she has not been home since the early 1980s, she has heard about some changes: The primary schools, the disappearance of LCR Components, and the cinema by the park gates.

She remembers the Salvation Army as a "thriving corps" playing Christmas carols around the festive period. Anita was very sad to hear that the Salvation Army has closed down.

Mrs Jenkins' letter was very sweet and touching. We all like to look back with fondness and good memories.

I wonder if any of you would like to share your past days of Tredegar with other readers? If you have fond memories and want to put pen to paper, please contact me.

Thank you, once again, Anita, your letter was a delight.