THOSE WERE THE TREDEGAR DAYS: This week I would like to say thank you to Mr J E Phillips for his very lovely letter entitled, "Memories of Tredegar."

The joy he experienced during his 12 years as part of the Tredegar Operatic Society was evident in his letter, and it was wonderful to share his memories and experiences.

He recalls with great pride how the operatic society won the International Cup in Ireland, in 1959, against societies from all over Great Britain.

He remembers all the principles he sang with, like Billy Griffiths, Dorothy Spilsbury, Mostyn Thomas, Tommy Joseph, Alun Goodwin, Dai and Grace Lewis, Betty Lane and the Rawle family.

Most touching was how he remembers them all walking through Tredegar the next day after winning the competition. They felt like they were Hollywood stars with people approaching them with many congratulations and other good wishes.

Mr Phillips refers to Tredegar as "dear old Tredegar" and a superb town." It was very heart-warming to read your letter, Mr Phillips. Thank you for taking the time to write to me and sharing your memories and obvious delight and enthusiasm for the old town.

All the letters I have received have been a wonderful heart-warming experience. I keep all the correspondence and read them again from time to time.

I know that there is much history behind Tredegar and that it was once a very busy industrial town.

Your letters give me a very personal glimpse of life as it was and they leave me wanting to know more and more.

So, please keep your letters coming along to me. I look forward to receiving them.