AN APPEAL to find people photographed for a 1980s student project captured the imagination of Argus readers.

Our story on the hunt for people featured in the Newport Survey pictures was the second most popular story on our website in December with 7,304 page views.

Newport Survey was a project by University of Wales, Newport, documentary photography students.

It ran throughout the 1980s, capturing life in the city – from families, churches and workplaces to events like street parties.

The pictures are due to be exhibited at Newport Art Gallery in April as part of the celebrations marking 100 years of documentary photography in the city.

Documentary photography senior lecturer Paul Reas said he has had a dozen responses to the appeal so far.

Among those who have got in touch were people who recognised themselves as children in the photographs published in the Argus or know others in the pictures.

“We want as many as possible,” said Mr Reas.

“We want to invite all the people that have responded to the exhibition and celebrate with us our centenary.”

Anyone who recognises themselves or others in the photographs can e-mail Mr Reas at or call 01633 432976.

To see more pictures select from the galleries below:

Newport at home

Newport at leisure

Newport at play

Newport at school

Newport at work

Newport celebrating