LLISWERRY councillor Allan Morris said the community came together after the murder. He said: “At the time it had a massive effect on the people of Lliswerry, insofar as people wouldn’t normally realise that the police were on their side. It united the community with a common purpose and a common aim.

“What I was particularly pleased to see was that some of the more troublesome element were actually speaking to the police and the other ward councillors and they realised that this really was a step too far and something had to be done to help.”

Cllr Morris said that although Lliswerry was rocked by the murder when it happened, the situation had calmed down and people were moving on.

He said: “It’s come to the point that the subject is hardly spoken of now. I put that down to the police investigation and the way they went about the task.

“They did what any good police force would do and they found the culprit and they are dealing with it in a very professional and low-key manner.

“Since the tragic event a real community spirit has returned.

Something good has come out of this tragedy, which will be a lasting legacy for Nikitta and her family.”