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Pregnant teenager Nikitta Grender was found dead at her Lliswerry home after a fire in February last year.

Carl Whant, 27, of no fixed address, stands accused of the rape and murder of Miss Grender on February 5 last year. He is also accused of arson and child destruction. He denies all the charges.

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Whant's "missing time" between 5am an 6am is when #nikitta was killed, pros claim Wed Jan 18 16:01:51 2012

Pros say these marks were caused by #nikitta trying to defend herself Wed Jan 18 15:47:15 2012

Whant told her they were caused by a girl who stopped him getting into a fight that night, court hears #nikitta Wed Jan 18 15:45:17 2012

Whant's girlfriend noticed marks on his arms when he returned home the next day, Mr Taylor tells jury #nikitta Wed Jan 18 15:43:43 2012

Whant returned after 6am telling the friends he did not get cigarettes as his grandparents were asleep, jury told #nikitta Wed Jan 18 15:41:33 2012

Around 5am Whant said he was leaving to go to his nan's house to get cigarettes #nikitta Wed Jan 18 15:39:11 2012

They later went to a house party in Corelli Street where they drank more alcohol and took cocaine #nikitta Wed Jan 18 15:37:47 2012

The friends spent the evening in and out of pubs taking drugs, pros claim #nikitta Wed Jan 18 15:32:57 2012

Whant told police in interview his cousin Ryan Mayes "idolised" him and he was the closest thing he had to a father, court told #nikitta Wed Jan 18 15:30:42 2012

That night Whant and Ryan Mayes went out to meet friends at The Star pub in Duckpool Road, before going to Revolution nightclub #nikitta Wed Jan 18 15:28:10 2012

Whant saw #nikitta in her flat earlier on the day of Feb 5 when dropping Ryan Mayes off after work, jury told Wed Jan 18 15:24:57 2012

There was also a wound in the back of the unborn child #nikitta Wed Jan 18 15:18:09 2012

It became clear #nikitta die not die as as result of the fire. She had been murdered, court told. Neck wound was around 9cm deep Wed Jan 18 15:14:05 2012

PM exam found a 2cm wide wound in #nikitta's neck as well as a wound to the stomach, jury told Wed Jan 18 15:12:17 2012

Jury told fire was slow burning and must have burned for around two hours #nikitta Wed Jan 18 15:07:24 2012

The bed was deliberately set on fire with a match, or more likely a lighter, in three places, court told #nikitta Wed Jan 18 15:00:46 2012

When firefighters were able to get into the main bedroom they discovered a body on the bed #nikitta Wed Jan 18 14:47:10 2012

Firefighters unable to use thermal image cameras in the flat as the smoke was so thick. They made their way around by touch #nikitta Wed Jan 18 14:43:35 2012

Jury told #nikitta should have been safe in her own flat in the early hours of Sat morning. But someone raped her, someone murdered her. Wed Jan 18 14:41:18 2012

Jury hears #nikitta didn't like cocaine user Whant. Mr Taylor says she thought he was a bad influence on Ryan Wed Jan 18 14:35:47 2012

Jury being shown pictures of the fire damage in #nikitta's flat Wed Jan 18 14:32:08 2012

Neighbours first heard fire alarm going off around 5.30am, jury told #nikitta Wed Jan 18 14:28:32 2012

Neighbour called 999 for fire brigade at 7.50am #nikitta Wed Jan 18 14:26:13 2012

Mr Taylor claims Carl Whant was responsible. His semen was found on #nikitta's body Wed Jan 18 14:25:18 2012

#nikitta was dead before the bed was set on fire, pros claim Wed Jan 18 14:23:30 2012

#nikitta was stabbed in the neck and stomach and the knife penetrated the baby. Flat was then set on fire, jury told Wed Jan 18 14:22:55 2012

#nikitta went out with her friend, driving around visiting various car parks in the area to meet up with others. Got back home after 1am Sat Wed Jan 18 14:21:22 2012

Ryan Mayes was out on the night of Friday Feb 4 to watch Wales v England with his cousin Carl Whant and other friends #nikitta Wed Jan 18 14:19:56 2012

#nikitta knew the baby was a girl and the couple had already named her Kelsey-May. They were well prepared for the baby Wed Jan 18 14:18:30 2012

#nikitta fell pregnant and was expecting in Feb and the families were looking forward to the new arrival Wed Jan 18 14:17:32 2012

Prosecutor Gregg Taylor tells court #nikitta and Ryan Mayes lived in Broadmead Park and been in an on/off relationship for a few years Wed Jan 18 14:16:32 2012

The jury has taken their seats #nikitta Wed Jan 18 14:09:44 2012

Back in court 3 at Newport Crown awaiting the start of the Whant trial #nikitta Wed Jan 18 13:58:09 2012

It's confirmed - Whant trial will start at 2pm #nikitta Wed Jan 18 13:01:39 2012

Still no sign of movement in the Whant trial. Looking unlikely that it will start before lunch #nikitta Wed Jan 18 12:56:16 2012

Expecting to start again in 30 minutes #nikitta Wed Jan 18 11:57:50 2012

Delay in Whant trial #nikitta Wed Jan 18 11:46:49 2012

Whant has been brought into the dock to await the start of his trial #nikitta Wed Jan 18 11:28:45 2012

Mr Justice John Griffiths Williams has taken his seat to start proceedings #nikitta Wed Jan 18 11:28:11 2012

Prosecution and defence barristers have assembled in court. Anticipating a start soon #nikitta Wed Jan 18 11:12:58 2012

Delayed start here at Whant murder trial. No sign of defence barristers in court yet #nikitta Wed Jan 18 10:59:28 2012

Packed public gallery here at Newport Crown Court. People being turned away #nikitta Wed Jan 18 10:20:32 2012

Nikitta's parents Marcia Grender and Paul Brunnock have just arrived at court #nikitta Wed Jan 18 10:01:45 2012

He is also charged with child destruction in relation to her unborn baby Kelsey-May and arson #nikitta Wed Jan 18 09:30:56 2012

Carl Whant, 27, is accused of raping and murdering the pregnant teenager at her Lliswerry home on February 5, 2011 #nikitta Wed Jan 18 09:27:23 2012

Follow me for live blogging from the Nikitta Grender murder trial starting today at Newport Crown #nikitta Wed Jan 18 09:23:45 2012