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Pregnant teenager Nikitta Grender was found dead at her Lliswerry home after a fire in February last year.

Carl Whant, 27, of no fixed address, stands accused of the rape and murder of Miss Grender on February 5 last year. He is also accused of arson and child destruction. He denies all the charges.

See tomorrow's Argus for @ArgusAChalk's report on today's proceedings #nikitta Tue Jan 31 16:04:10 2012

Mr Wooler has finished his evidence and the trial is done for the day. It will resume at 10.15am tomorrow #nikitta Tue Jan 31 16:03:14 2012

Mr Kinch now cross examining Mr Wooler #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:48:33 2012

Matthew Cass at TRL will then say which images are consistent and which aren't #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:47:17 2012

Mr Wooler: Following reconstructions, comparisons of new images with those from the night to see which, if any, match #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:45:21 2012

Different cars/sticker configurations brought through in different order for each CCTV camera #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:43:55 2012
Whant's car also used in reconstruction as well as slightly different model but with stickers in same place, among other variations #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:39:38 2012

TRL colleague with no knowledge of dummy cars or sticker locations then watches CCTV of reconstruction to examine differences #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:36:50 2012

Mr Wooler: Two dummy cars with five different variations of sticker locations used in reconstruction #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:34:07 2012

Mr Wooler: Stickers were placed in similar places to Whant's car to see if CCTV footage could show subtle differences in position #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:32:05 2012

Mr Wooler: In order to provide range of vehicles to examine, different models of Ford Focus in the same colour were brought in #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:28:48 2012

Mr Wooler: I examines features of windscreen of Whant's vehicle #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:26:38 2012

Mr Wooler: Standard practice to undertake investigation with no knowledge of the case or any suspect vehicles #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:20:49 2012

Mr Wooler is principle consultant in video investigation at TRL #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:19:41 2012

DS Passmore has finished giving evidence, next up is Andrew Wooler from TRL #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:18:26 2012

Officers who went to a garage in Queen's Hill looked at CCTV but nothing brought back. The camera had a good view of Queen's Hill #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:13:45 2012

Officers examining CCTV footage from Old Green roundabout told to look for vehicles following route Whant claims he took #nikitta Tue Jan 31 15:04:30 2012

DS Passmore: Before reconstruction I made inquiries with shopkeepers to see if their lighting had changed since Feb #nikitta Tue Jan 31 14:56:19 2012

DS Passmore: I was made acutely aware by TRL not to discuss the type of car we had #nikitta Tue Jan 31 14:53:07 2012

DS Passmore: Discussions with prosecution discussed whether to include CCTV from Peacocks as ID of Focus was not definitive #nikitta Tue Jan 31 14:48:57 2012

CCTV from Maindee police station compared to one at a nearby shop to establish a more accurate time for it #nikitta Tue Jan 31 14:38:35 2012

Officer who watched the CCTV recorded it as 35 minutes behind GMT #nikitta Tue Jan 31 14:27:27 2012

Maindee police station CCTV recorded as being 25 minutes behind GMT by officer seizing the footage #nikitta Tue Jan 31 14:26:36 2012

Jury shown CCTV stills taken from outside Maindee police station #nikitta Tue Jan 31 14:24:51 2012

DS Passmore: It was only after this document was written did the importance of Whant's journey become known #nikitta Tue Jan 31 14:14:06 2012

DS Passmore: CCTV strategy overtaken by information coming in during investigation #nikitta Tue Jan 31 14:12:48 2012

CCTV stratgey outlined by deputy senior investigating officer Steve Mogg #nikitta Tue Jan 31 14:10:21 2012

DS Passmore: CCTV strategy set out by senior officer #nikitta Tue Jan 31 14:08:35 2012

Finished for lunch, back at 2pm #nikitta Tue Jan 31 13:00:03 2012

DS Passmore: We made inquiries to see if footage could be recovered #nikitta Tue Jan 31 12:50:33 2012

By time police attempted to collect the footage, it was more than one month later #nikitta Tue Jan 31 12:49:52 2012

DS Passmore: TRL looked at poorest-quality CCTV first with no detail on car they were looking for #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:45:23 2012

DS Passmore: Transport Research Laboratory said not to say which car they were looking for so "blind analysis" could be carried out #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:43:39 2012

DS Passmore: Around 250 premises visited in relation to CCTV and around 300 dvds examined #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:39:35 2012

DS Passmore: A team of around 8 officers was set up to identify CCTV important in this case #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:38:36 2012

DS Passmore was assigned to this case from the start #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:37:34 2012

PC Goddard has finished, DS Neil Passmore is up now #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:36:47 2012

PC Goddard: Never come across a bulb working one day then dim the next. The process is something which happens over the bulb's life #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:35:47 2012

PC Goddard: Minimum requirement for number plate lights is 5 watts #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:29:15 2012

Jury shown pics of the two number plate lights #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:20:16 2012

PC Goddard: Driver's side number plate light "significantly dimmer" than the other #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:19:31 2012

PC Goddard asked to inspect rear number plate of the Focus #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:18:17 2012

PC Goddard is the senior collision investigator for Gwent Police #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:17:32 2012

PC Goddard works in the collision investigation unit #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:16:20 2012

Mr Hurr has finished, next up is PC Christopher Goddard #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:13:59 2012

Junior defence counsel Jeff Jones going through number of different Focus models and the near identical shape of them all #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:10:20 2012

Mr Hurr explains the subtle differences, such as position of indicators #nikitta Tue Jan 31 11:05:12 2012

Jury shown different models of Ford Focus #nikitta Tue Jan 31 10:58:55 2012

Mr Stone has finished giving evidence, next up is Simon Hurr from Ford #nikitta Tue Jan 31 10:53:51 2012

Mr Stone: Don't recall if one number plate light was dimmer than the other when the Focus was hired out #nikitta Tue Jan 31 10:52:49 2012

Mr Stone: Lights on Focus all working before car hired out in Feb 2011 #nikitta Tue Jan 31 10:48:22 2012

Car was involved in a crash and needed repairs to the tailgate #nikitta Tue Jan 31 10:46:40 2012

Anglian windows also hired the car in May 2010 and Anglian windows address in Lliswerry Road given #nikitta Tue Jan 31 10:45:25 2012

Mr Stone: Sometimes people don't provide adresses on the hire form #nikitta Tue Jan 31 10:44:00 2012

Jury shown blank hire document form used when hiring out cars #nikitta Tue Jan 31 10:41:38 2012

Car had "a quick vacuum and a wipe over" before it was hired out #nikitta Tue Jan 31 10:38:35 2012

Mr Stone said Whant's Focus was one he has owned since Sept 09 #nikitta Tue Jan 31 10:35:33 2012

First witness is Alan Stone, owner of the Ford Focus #nikitta Tue Jan 31 10:34:35 2012

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